Belden Hill Capital Advisors, LLC

The design contest worked great. I was skeptical at first, but once the designs starting coming in, I couldn't wait to keep receiving emails about new entries. Working with individual entrants was easy and having so many original concepts almost made it difficult to choose. In the end, the process was simple and delivered a great logo for my needs.

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Winning design #32 by pluk99, Logo Design for Belden Hill Capital Advisors, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pluk99

Project description

I need a logo for a business that will provide advice and guidance on how companies can deal with financial institutions. The Company will assist companies in borrowing money at times when they need it the most. The logo to convey trust, power, professionalism and confidence.

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  • Thanks for submitting a logo. I like teh design you have entered. couple of questions. Are these two logos? Can you make the B in Belden and the H in Hill be a little larger than the rest f the letters? Also could the "BH" be separated from the rest if I needed to? Does the bottom come with the top logo, but a separate file? Thanks again.
    • thanks for submitting another design. Could you update your first design by making the B in Belden and H in Hill larger? I still like your first design best, the boldness to the font and the way "capital advisors" sits below Belden Hill. It would be great if you make this slight change to your first design.

  • Hi louzan5 Here are different styles #20 and #21. #20 as croped paths B and H, the line of H is on a right side of text, and #21 as symbolic house/window in a colored path. I am open for other ideas. With regards, krisdesign
  • Thanks for submitting a logo. I like what you have done, but am struggling with the "BH" design. It comes across as "BI". That doesnt mean I dont want this, but I am looking at a few others before deciding. Couple of quick questions. Can the "BH" be separated from the rest of the logo if I have the need to use it separately? is the bottom of your submission a separate file that can be used by me? Can the bottom be changed where the black background is lightened up right around the logo, similar to your other submission? Thanks
    • good day CH.. Thank you for the positive feedback about my design.. Yes CH, the BH logo can be separate and can movable in case if you only need the icon, final files is in vector format... Thank you CH, i will send revised design of my entry.. Thank you CH...

  • Thanks for your submission. Is there a way to make the B in Belden and H in Hill slightly larger than the rest of the letters in those words? Thanks
  • Thanks for submitting your design. i like the design very much. It provides the professional image I was looking for. I am looking at some of the others as well, but keep coming back to this. I may also be putting presentations together and would look to put the logo on each page. The separate BH may accomplish this and I am wondering if the logo can be what you have presented, but have the ability to separate the BH for my presenations. Let me know
  • #50 added, any feedback will be welcome. Thank you
  • Hello CH! Ive submitted #49 and I need your feedback. Thank you!
  • Hi #35 adn #36 are made after the brief. Modern and bold sans sheriff font and graphic icon, flat, no gradient/shine modern color... Feedback is crucial so i can go the right direction. Regards Andrei
  • your entry is too much like entry 19 please be original
  • Copied design
  • pluk99, I've gone through everything and I am leaning towards your #32 submission. I want to make sure (before I pick the design) that I will have the ability to separate the "BH" design from the name of the Company, so I can use the two either together or separate. Let me know, as i would like to make my decision ASAP.
  • Hello CH, here is my design #39 Tell what you think, I hope you like !