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We are very pleased with the whole experience and we are even more pleased with our new logo! Design was very easy to use and the designers were a pleasure to work with. They submitted an excellent variety of options. There were so many creative entries, it was hard to pick just one. The support staff was always quick with a reply to answer any questions we had throughout the week as well. Thank you to our winning graphic designer and best regards to the rest. This is a great site! Sincerely, Benchmark Athletics


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We are a Toronto based athletic apparel and equipment supplier that provides a wide range of quality sporting goods and services. We are looking for a clean, strong logo that clearly illustrates our company name 'Benchmark Athletics'. We want a simple design that can possibly incorporate a retro and/or classic style font. We would like to have an image/graphic that is able to stand on its own - meaning, it is easily recognizable and has effective impact without having our printed name alongside. We thank you in advance for your creative contributions, we look forward to finding a winning logo design. Sincerely, Benchmark Athletics

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  • #7 Thank you for your entries! They look great. We really enjoy both colour schemes. The circle graphic is also able to hold up on it's own, thank you for your creative effort. A different picture would be nice to see, not a bench please. Cheers.
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      shankelly {*wrote*}:
      #7 Thank you for your entries! They look great. We really enjoy both colour schemes. The circle graphic is also able to hold up on it's own, thank you for your creative effort. A different picture would be nice to see, not a bench please. Cheers.
      |--| thanks shank! already submitted a revision of entry #7

    • Hi jeejee, thanks for all of your entries. We are reviewing your designs and appreciate the effort put forth. Please note that 'Athletics' has been spelled incorrectly. We still like #7 the best can you resubmit it with the correct spelling please.

    • Hi again jeejee, we do like #21. We really like the all grey design. Regarding the circle graphic - We would like to see the outer edges of 'BA' placed inside the inner white circle, not having it touch the outer edge. Also, we would like to see entry #21 done in all grey typography, but have the circle graphic done in red if possible. And obviously have the word 'Athletics' spelled correctly. THANK YOU for all the options you have already provided, they've given us an opportunity to see what works. Cheers.

    • wow shame on me.. i did not noticed it sir. im very sorry..

    • thanks sir..i appreciate it.. i will submit more entries asap...

    • Hello jeejee, we see that you have submitted several other variations of entry #21. Thank you for the time you've taken to offer such a selection. Can you please resubmit #21 as follows please - All grey font. 'Benchmark' text consistent size/thickness. 'Athletics' kept as it is but spelled correctly and positioned at the far right side. NO other changes are necessary! We like the design and want to see it done with these slight changes. Thank YOU!

    • how about the "BA" touches the edges sir, is it at ease or should i put it inside the circle? thanks sir

  • #19 Thank you for your creative entry. It looks great, this is definitely a look we envisioned. It's very on trend, but still clean and classic. We like the idea of a shield. Can you expand/add more/elaborate the look please and thank you. Cheers!
    • Thanks for your feedback (and your great taste :-). I will try to refine it, even if it's my recommendation to keep the basic logo as clean and simple as possible, and then add trendy effects in photoshop for the website etc. These trends come and go and your logo should hopefully live through many of these trends. KR /dologo

    • Hello dologo, thank you for your feedback, you are the only designer so far that has replied with some professional advice/direction. We appreciate your expert opinion. As said, we do really like the look of #19 (not #33) but we were hoping to see something similar come from your creative corner.. whether it be a slight elaboration or maybe a colour change or just a 'B' inside the shield. This is a discovery process for us and we would like to see what else you may have to offer. Cheers.

  • Thank you clockworkjoe01 for your entry #1. The image looks good! We like the 'B' encased in a red circle, it is effective on its own. Can you please adjust position of the font to not overlap the 'B'. Another, similar font style would be nice to see for comparison. Cheers.
    • Hello clockworkjoe01, thank you for entry #25. We like it, it's clean and simple. The red circle and white 'B' is good. Cheers!

    • Thanks skelly, I appreciate it. I also submitted #43. I have two submissions left so if you have any other feedback let me know. I look forward to creating two more designs for you to check out. Thanks again.

  • Dear contest holder, could you please tell me your thoughts on my design (#29) Thanks. -NRG Graphics
    • Hello NGRgraphics, thank you for entry #29. We really appreciate the simplicity of your design, however it would be nice to see something that differs from many of the other designs already submitted. We are not fond of the hexagon shape. The classic black and white combination is good. Can you please revise/elaborate/change font. We like the cleanliness of your lines, good work.

    • Yes, I can try, thanks for the feedback! -NRG Graphics

  • Hi CH, Please review entry #35. Let me know any feedback you may have. Thank you! Pomegraphix
  • Hello CH, I just submitted #22 for your review. Any feedback would be awesome! Thank You
    • Hello Creativitron, thanks for your submission. The image looks good, though we would like to see another colour in lieu of the light blue. Can you revise the graphic, possibly change the placement, maybe directly behind the text. We're considering the likes of an emblem. Cheers, good work!

  • Hi everyone, please note that our initials are B.A. not B.M. Benchmark is one word. Cheers.
    • ooppss.. shank kindly eliminate my current submissions.. thanks!

  • HI, Design #6 is for your consideration. Please provide me feedback to make this design perfect to you. Thanks and Regards..
    • #6 Thank you for your entry. The image submitted needs to be more streamlined and classic. The graphic above the font isn't appealing.

    • Hi, Thanks for your feedback. I changed the font and style in 2 design #11. hope this will be closer to you. If the logo is not appealing, please tell me. Regards...

  • #2 Thank you for your entry. We like the blue font, though a more classic style would be nice to see. The graphic above the text isn't appealing.
    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design , I have uploaded new version of #8, hope you like it. Feel free to comment and make further changes. Thanks & Cheers

  • #4 & #5 Thank you for taking the time to submit 2 entries The grey font looks good. Some changes to the graphic 'B' would be pleasing. More rounded/solid lines are desired. Maybe incorporate a more simple, classic shape. Cheers.
  • #3 Thank you for entry. We like the blue font, however we want our associated graphic to represent a more solid image. The bottom of yours is open, it is not ideal. Something encased, closed, square, round etc. would be nice to see!
  • Hi seegor, thank you for your entries, we have taken time to review them and we are most pleased with #13. We like the typography chosen for the 'B' inside the circle, it looks good with the dot. It would be nice to see it with 2 dots, symmetrically placed on either side of the 'B', or some other SLIGHT variation. We don't like the flap hanging over, please remove that. Thank you for your effort so far, we appreciate the good work.
    • Hello seegor, the changes submitted with entry #46 are too drastic. We like the layout of #13. Please add another dot for symmetry OR remove the dot and have none at all. Please remove the flap. We want to see the design done in grey. Thanks.

    • Hello seegor, we are waiting to see entry #13 resubmitted with the revisions we listed above ^ in our previous comment. We look forward to receiving it at your earliest convenience, please and thank you.

    • Dear CH. Thank you for your feedback, here are new entry's #88 #89 #90 #91 with changes you wanted. I am sorry i didn't saw comment earlier somehow notification failed to pop up in my email :( Kind Regards seegor

    • Dear CH, here is another entry #92 with "BA" in circle for your consideration. Kind Regards seegor

  • Hello Dskwkrs, we are very pleased with your entry #49. It is fresh and we surprisingly like the green. Overall great design! Maybe for comparison can we see it another font/typography. Cheers.
    • About #59 Revisions made on font. Retro Classic?.. Many styles to choose from do you prefer a scriptive or more clean sans seriff? #61 would be a touch of scriptive style. Open for critique. Thank You

    • Thanks for the additional entries. Scriptive is a no go. The original copy #49 still looks best.. our issue with the font is the "open" 'b, r & k', it's futuristic.

    • About #67 Got it.. Revisions made to BRandK. Open for critique and or revisions. Thank You

  • Hello hooplaaa #58, the 'ba' is crafty. Not feeling the blue. Please change font. Design is similar to other contestants entries, we want something fresh and original. Maybe even more 'trendy' Thank you!
  • Hello friendnand #56, the 'b' bench is very creative. Don't like the sharp edges. Text is good. Thank you.
  • Hello ocen, #54 has a good layout. Specifically like the added touch of the lines extended outward from 'Athletics'. Not crazy about the colour combo. Maybe cap the height on the shield, so it looks more like a baseball home plate than a sharp edge. Overall great design, thank you.
  • Creativitron, re: #22 we like the use of a square encasing the letter 'B'. Can we see it in another colour maybe.. It's tidy, thank you.
  • The circle is hard on the eyes. Unable to look directly at it, it is unappealing. Thank you for your entries.
  • No 'BM'
  • Dislike the 'tri-arm' shape on top. Not crazy about the blue/orange combo.