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This was an amazing experience. I was overwhelmed by creativity during the process, and it really challenged me to discover what my brand really is. Sometimes you need to see dozens of suggestions to actually realize how you want to portray your company. My heartfelt thanks goes out to the talented community of international designers who spent some time trying to help my business grow. I'm humbled by the great work I saw during the contest period. I'm telling everyone about this service.

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Winning design #54 by SylasGreen, Logo Design for Benjamin Laird Arts & Photo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SylasGreen

Project description

I'm a very small photo company. It's just me actually! I focus on theatre archiving and promotion, motion picture stills, Corporate photos and high end events. Because I shoot so much fine art related subject matter, I'd like a logo that reflects that. Something thoughtful in its design, and creative. But with a bit of a edge, to build my corporate identity. I think a photo of a gas plant can be made into an artful piece, not just a literal representation of the subject. I like to approach my photos from a human angle. What will this photo make someone feel? Whether it's a corporate event or a mystery theatre show, the viewer has to want to be drawn into the world of the photo and make them want to discover more. I'd like my logo to evoke that. To make the viewer want to know more. My old logo was designed my me, but it has run its course. It's time for something more professional and better designed.

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  • Hi, I submitted #2 design. If you like this one better then #1 please let me know. Feedback is well appreciated. Thank you!
  • Hi, I just posted a #1 entry. Please, if you can proved me with some comments or suggestions that would be very helpful. Thank you!
  • Hi. I have posted #22 and #24 . any feedback would be great! Thank you.
  • Thanks CH for rating, i hope you love my design #54 any revision or suggestion to be better design what do you want? please tell me THANK YOU VERY MUCH
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      rivatxfz {*wrote*}:
      Thanks CH for rating, i hope you love my design #54 any revision or suggestion to be better design what do you want? please tell me THANK YOU VERY MUCH
      |--| Hi again. Thanks for the revision. I like everything about the original design, including the underline under Benjamin Laird. Please leave that as is. I appreciate that you increased the font size for "Arts & Photo" but I'd like to see a few different font choices. The current font in a little too childish. Thanks!

  • Hi ch, please find my entry #51 #52 and hope you like also your feedback let me know. thanks...
  • Hi there. I wanted to say thank you for your great design. It's definitely one of my favourites. I love the font for Benjamin Laird, but I was wondering if I could see a slightly cleaner, slightly larger font on Arts & Photo. I'm getting close to making my decision. Thanks!!
  • Hi. Thank you so much for your work, I love the design. I think it's really fresh looking and catchy, but it doesn't convey what my company really does. It's too colourful, actually. It's a great piece of design though. I haven't given feedback for everyone, but I wanted to say yours was one of the best. Sadly, I won;t be able to use it. All the best!
  • Hi again. I was wondering if you have gotten my last message. I'd like to award the contest to you, but I'd like to see a slightly different and larger font on Arts & Photo. I don't know if I need to declare you the winner before I can see it or not. But I've decided this is the design I like the best. Congratulations!