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Worked very well. Got lots of different designs, and was able to communicate with the designers efficiently to get the changes we wanted to see. Designers were very responsive to our requests. Two thumbs up!


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Winning design #139 by vikifil, Logo Design for Bennen Farms Ltd Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vikifil

Project description

A family farm that grows potatoes, wheat, sugar beets, and dry beans is looking for a logo that communicates a bit of our identity and what we do, mainly to use on stationary, business cards, and apparel.  Design should incorporate either the crops we grow or the type of equipment we use (pictures uploaded below for equipment), our full business name, and can incorporate other features as the designer deems appropriate.  Design can also include a subtle reference to Christian faith as that is important to the family.

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  • Please Check for Bennen Farms Ltd Logos #135
  • Let me know, please, if you'd like any change #132
  • a little more brightful by adding the orange circle #130
  • Feel free to ask for changes, please. I am willing to make any improvement even after the contest is over! #129
  • Here's another approach using bf. Hope you like it. Good luck #120
  • Hope you like it. I tried to make it more balanced and with no overlapping elements. Good luck #118
  • Logo idea. hope you like it. good luck #117
  • Bennen Farms Ltd #114
  • Another style out of box.
    Thanks a lot #113
  • Thanks for your feedback and interest with my design.
    Thanks a lot for your appretiate.
    Hope this so close .
  • Nice concept jada7889 - probably would look a bit better with different font (maybe a bit less sharp lines?). Like the incorporation of the crops into the letters of "Bennen"...maybe different font allows a different way to do this? #83
    • About #83, @kerby Thank You for that comment , Sir. I will try to make some changes. I will let you know once the revision has been done. ☺

    • @kerby Hi Sir, I have uploaded revised version of it. Please check. Thank you. #110 & #111

  • Hi CH, Here's my revised output, I changed the font to a rounded version instead of sharp edges. I hope you like it. #110
  • Hi CH, Here's my revise output, I change the font to a rounded edge. I hope you like it. #108
  • please check ,, thanks.. #107
  • Nice clean designs - good font...but too generic. Doesn't say anything about our farm specifically with the graphic. #44
    • @kerby
      please check design #102

  • See ratings and comments on other logos to get a sense of what we're after. #29
    • About #29, @kerby actually I see the same comment for everyone. I spent time for those designs, you could spend a few seconds for a specific feedback. Thanks though for your attention.

  • and this too #97
  • hello thanks for your feedback
    what about this #96
  • Like the contrasting colors, but like some aspects of the original better too (full circle around logo, no text outside graphic necessary). And text in text box of graphic looks crooked because of the tapered edges of the text box. Definitely still top 3. #40
  • Nice and clean - bit too generic or plain though. See comments and ratings on other logos for further feedback. #81
    • About #81, @kerby Ok, thanks.