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Great experience... we are very happy with the results. The only suggestion I have is when you are rating the submissions you should be able to type in a number, instead of only being able to use the sliding bar. Thanks. P.S. There's no indication on the "Overall Experience Rating" as to which end is good and which end is bad.

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Winning design #268 by bluemonkey, Logo Design for Bentley Energy Logo Contest
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designed by bluemonkey

Project description

Bentley Energy is a health supplement company targeting the high end market. The logo will be used on supplement bottles, in advertisements (ex. magazines), and on our website. We want a simple, elegant, modern but serious logo which will appeal to a luxury market. We want a wordmark for "Bentley Energy", which will be the main focus of the logo, and a smallish pictoral mark to complement the wordmark. We would like capital letters on at least the first letters of Bentley and Energy. Our preferred colors are probably either red or blue, (you can try various versions of red and blue, i.e. dark, light, etc.) accented with white and/or grey and/or black. The idea is that the focus is on the single color of red or blue. However we are open to other ideas. Also, the logo will be going onto a white plastic bottle, so keep that in mind. If we really like the winning logo then we will likely hire the artist to design the rest of the label for the supplement bottles. Please avoid electrical themes (plugs, lightning bolts, etc), we don't want people to think we are an electrical company. Update: We've added two rough examples of wordmarks that we came up with a little while ago (see "Example Files" at bottom of page). They are an example of a style of wordmark we like, but we don't want to limit your creativity, so don't feel like you need to copy them or anything like that. Update: Please make sure both "Bentley" and "Energy" are big enough to read (they should both be at least close in size, because we want people to be able to see both words easily). On a lot of designs the word Energy is much too small to read.

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  • To all contestants: It probably seems like we are being very picky, but this logo/label will be the major interface with our customers, so it needs to be of the "blows me away" variety. We really appreciate your creativity and energy. Keep creating. We know this is going to produce something great and memorable.
  • Hey CH, I have added another two revised designs #22 and #23. I've added the bold to #23 and I have also changed the fonts on #22. Kind Regards, Joe
  • I like the type style better on 21, but it needs to be made bold.
  • Interesting logo, although again looking more like an Electric company, than a human energy company. Type style is a bit too funky for a luxury market.
  • Hey CH, Please see a revised version #21 of number #19. Kept the WM design but changed the type style so it is less funky. Kind Regards, Joe
  • Word mark is a nice design. Type style below that is too funky - looking for more conservative style of type/lettering.
  • Hey CH, Please see my designs #20 and #19. Any feedback would be great. Kind Regards, Joe
  • Good first impression. NOTE: drop the electric cord idea. We are NOT an electric company, but one that deals in physical and mental (human) energy. Thanks.
  • I've added two things to the Brief, just so you know: -We would like capital letters on at least the first letters of Bentley and Energy. -Also, the logo will be going onto a white plastic bottle, so keep that in mind.
  • Thanks for the submission. The font looks a little too playful to me, almost like bubble letters.
  • This is a fun concept, but I don't think it's quite "serious" enough for a luxury market. Also I'd prefer to have capital letters on (at least) the B and E of Bentley Energy (I just added this bit to the brief). Also the lightbulb symbol is a neat idea, but I think it makes it look like we're an electric company, which we aren't.
  • Hannah (hlrichardson), Thanks for the idea, we considered a lot of different colors, but for now we're pretty set on red or blue, but it's possible that we could be swayed. You can give green a try if you think it will work well with a certain design or something like that. Thanks.
  • I like the initial impact of this... it captures some of the luxury feel that we are looking for. I'd prefer to keep the font size of Bentley and Energy the same. I'd like to see if you can fit it into a smaller space, for example maybe putting the BE behind the Bentley Energy part, or making the BE smaller or something (I'll leave the specifics to you, these are just some ideas off the top of my head). The font is pretty good for me, but I don't like the shape of the Y.
  • Good start. I like the simplicity of it, and the font is pretty good. The symbol doesn't quite work for me... the B kind of overwhelms the E, so it looks too cramped. The other concern is that having Bentley Energy all on one line will make the font too small on a supplement bottle, so I'd like to see what you can come up with for that... either just putting it on to two lines, or finding a creative way of kind of nesting them together (with the goal of allowing the font to be bigger on a supplement bottle).
  • Thanks for the submission, the font is a good start, however I don't like the italicized aspect of it. The symbol is very clever, however I think some people won't be able to tell it's a BE symbol. You could also try a slightly brighter red.
  • Good start, I like the font and the symbol. Try making the B on the symbol a bit easier to see... some people might not notice that it's a 3D B at first.
  • CH, Please feel free to send any feedback my way in regards to my logo. Did you consider using green instead of the red or blue to symbolize health? Just something that crossed my mind while I was creating the concepts for your logo. Thanks! Hannah
  • JvZ
    Dear CH, can you make this contest blind ?.. . to assure no copying of design/concepts .. . Best regards! -JvZ
  • Dear CH, please check my new entry #87..hope you like..thank you so much...God bless and more power
  • Check out #79 I changed it a lot and tried to incorporate a symbol a little more. Hope you like it!