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Winning design #83 by Jervixj, Logo Design for Best Accounting & Management Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jervixj

Project description

We are an accounting and business consultancy firm for small business operators.  We are looking for a minimal modern design incorporating the three letters BAM.  It needs to be original and not resemble a logo that we could download from a generic logo design website.  It needs to convey a professional image that inspires confidence in our brand & services.  We are changing an existing business structure and would like to retain the colours red and black.  We have a strong reputation for being more than accountants and supporting business in management particularly start-up businesses and businesses that require "fixing up".  We have a varied client base but a lot of our new clients seem to be coming from the construction industry.  We are known as being informal and a "plain talking" company.  Our existing logo is attached for your reference.  However, we are not looking to simply rework this logo.

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  • BAM © contest entry #152
  • I used a different design here. Simple but unique. Confident and bold colors. Hope you like it. Feedback is most welcome. #138
  • Simple and professional. Hope you like it. Feedback is most welcome. #135
  • Hii...
    Ihave uploaded my design proposal, please check it out and let know your opnion..
    Thank you.. #122
  • Could you please try to make the logo a little more compact. That is make it less wide. Also explore the use of other fonts for the company name. Fonts that are less "chunky". #83
  • hello CH kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it:) #118
  • Very impressed with this logo. Bit concerned with the graduated effect of the "A". Can you redo the logo with the "A" and arrow in the flat red colour specified. Also reduce wording size so that it is the same width as the logo. #54
  • The Checkmark, which is symbolic of getting something finished, is going through the 'A' and that has the effect of making the viewer think "Bam! I got it done with...BAM!" I left the 'A' black because accountants don't particularly like red ink, and the A is obviously representing accounting. This particular serif font is modern, clean, allows for a bit of playfulness but still can be taken seriously as a financial firm. Feedback apprecated, regards. #75
  • feedback please #61
  • feedback please #48
  • Can you now angle the A so that you can see more of the B. Feedback I've received indicates that it looks more like EM rather than BAM. #37
    • About #37, @kathy2
      I'll submit the modified angle in a few mins.

  • Could you remove the stripes and block the text so that it cab appear below or to the right of the text. #32
    • Submitted #37. I removed the stripes in design #32 here. Thanks for rating the design.

  • Best Accounting & Management #30
  • Really keen to explore the possibilities for this design. Would like to see alternative fonts for the wording. Also a "negative image" with a black background. Would like to see the vertical line the same length as the height of the logo. #14
  • Swap around the black & red #15
  • prefer your original format with the words beside the logo #15
  • I like where this logo is headed. Please recolour to black and white and offer some options for the icon in the middle. See additional information in the design brief. #1
  • This could be a usable logo with some changes. Recolour to red & black, align the separating line top and bottom. Align top and bottom the wording with the shorter letters of the logo. Justify the wording right and left using more spaces not spreading the letters of the bottom line. #2
  • This has the basis of being a usable logo. At the moment it looks like BALL. There needs to be more thought given to the B and A. Please use black and red in the logo. #8
  • BAm,,? #12