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Absolutely love this process. I just started a new contest with my new logo for an upcoming trade show display!

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Winning design #45 by Angelkus, Logo Design for Better Mailing Concepts Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Angelkus

Project description

I am looking for a new logo design. Something that looks unique and also somehow shows that I am in the direct mail advertising business.  I create and design direct mail advertising for the Hearing Aid industry. 

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  • As per your feedback of changes..... anything more change needed feel free to made it done ... #45
  • I will pick your first design #39. I just want you to change the lines before and after the word Concepts to look more like #17 or #22 #40
  • Another creative .............. #41
  • You nailed it!! I just would like for you to change the lines before and after concepts to be similar to #22 and #17. #39
  • Submitted my creative and concept for your posted contest BETTER MAILING CONCEPTS. Looking forward to yourratings and feedback #39
  • Hi, Its my 2nd concept your your contest, its a clean design which shows BMC n the symbol. hope you will like it and given me high numbers. waiting for your valuable feedback. thanks #36
  • Please check the design. I understood your brief? If something needs to be changed, please contact me. #35
  • Can you make the Concepts line as a fade of teal to that maroon? Would you be able to match that font they used in #17? #22
    • @kimberly2 thank you for the feedback.. i will submit kimberly with this request..

  • You're close! Can you see other peoples postings for my contest? If yes I like #17 the lines before and after Success through Consistency. I even like their fonts a bit better. #20
    • About #20, @kimberly2 yes kimberly i saw there post.. i will submit entry with this lines.. thank you for the message..

  • hello CH, I uploaded new design #18 hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you.
    • @cp105bc can you please why you Eliminated me?

  • I guess what I was trying to say is I'm having an issue with the M/Envelope. Can you come up with a better M resembling an envelope or incorporate an envelope differently. I really like you choice of color and fonts. #17
  • I really like this concept and the color scheme. Is there anything else you can do to make the envelope portion more prominent? #12
  • I like this one best. Can you give me a few more color options? I like the teal. I also like purple with teal. Keep the beige as well. #8
    • @kimberly2 thank you kimberly for this great ratings and feedback.. i submit option colors for the design..

  • This looks good. I'm not sure if the envelope really is clear that it is an envelope. Wouldn't mind seeing other color choices as well. My tag line is Success through Consistency. Not sure if this can be incorporated somehow? #3
  • I'm liking this! Can you give me a few more options with different fonts. Also my tag line is Success through Consistency. Is it possible to incorporate this? It may be too much not sure. I really like the envelope. It states right away Mail. #4
    • @kimberly2 yes kimberly, i will submit right away your request....

  • good evening kimberly.. thank you for this great rating.. just make a message for a request revisions of my design.. thank you..
  • i submitted a revised design, hope you will like it, your valuable feedback will guide me to make your desire design. thanks. #2
  • HI, I submitted my concept for your mailing service, hope you will like it, if you need any changing please feel free to tell me. thanks #1
    • @RoyalMark Would like to see a different color scheme. I forgot to mention our tagline...maybe incorporating that into it? Success through Consistency What about incorporating an envelope or stamp to signify that BMC does mail??

    • @kimberly2 thanks for your feedback. please mention the colors which you like to in your logo, 2nd i made and envelop in blue color which also make M,

    • About #1, @RoyalMark

      Ok maybe the env isn't clear enough as the M...sorry I missed that. Could you tweak the M/Env a bit more.

      I like the fading you have in the blue Mailing but maybe in a Tealish fading into blue or vice versa?