Beyond the Rainbow Children's Ranch

My husband and I are so pleased with DesignContest and the design process for our logo. There are so many talented designers represented through this site that it made our job of choosing the BEST very challenging. Milla did such an amazing job and was so professional and patient with us throughout the week of the contest. We highly recommend DesignContest for anyone who is on the fence. I don't believe we would have found such a beautifully designed logo in such a short period of time elsewhere!

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Winning design #49 by millagraphic, Logo Design for Beyond the Rainbow Children's Ranch Contest
Gold Medal

designed by millagraphic

Project description

We are a non profit that will be helping abused, neglected and abandoned children through programs that will offer life skills and animal therapy.  We envision our logo to feature a monarch butterfly (symbolic of transition) flying over a beautiful rainbow...but within the butterfly wings we would like there to be silhouettes of children's faces that would look natural on the butterfly. 

Since we are a non profit just starting out we don't want to go over budget but want a logo to speak to the purpose of the ranch.

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  • Milla, could you take out the butterfly closest to the B in Beyond? #50
  • Hi Milla, if I could see one last revision before we make a decision on our logo I would appreciate it. We would like to keep everything else as is but take away the right side of the butterfly and make the left side look like it has more movement (maybe a set of wings behind to look like it's flying?) And since this would be the only butterfly in this version you could make it a little bigger. Thanks so much! #26 #26
    • About #26, @oneinhimjag3 I uploaded two versions of the new design (one with the little butterflies and one without them).

    • @millagraphic Thank you so much for working with us on all your revisions have made it challenging for us to choose, especially with so many talented designers such as yourself. We will be making our decision shortly.

  • @ oneinhimjag3 please check my entry ., #54
  • Hi Milla, if I could see one last revision before we make a decision on our logo I would appreciate it. We would like to keep everything else as is but take away the right side of the butterfly and make the left side look like it has more movement (maybe a set of wings behind to look like it's flying?) And since this would be the only butterfly in this version you could make it a little bigger. Thanks so much! #26
    • About #26, @oneinhimjag3
      Dear CH, I've noticed that the latest design made by designer named Routh is quite similar to my works. Please keep that in mind because I don't want you to mistake our designs. Best regards, Milla

  • Milla, this version really is beautiful! I think you've captured everything we asked for. The font really worked wonderfully. Great job! #26
    • About #26, @oneinhimjag3 Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

  • We really like the softer colors and rainbow effect Rafihn...this version came out beautifully! We would also like to see a version with the butterfly wings in shades of orange and a subtle rainbow arching upward and fading in color. Also could you do this version again without the colored background? Thanks so much! #23
  • I took some time to go through font styles and could we see the name in "Pristina" and "Nyala"? I like the fact that "Beyond the Rainbow isn't all in caps with this entry. We do like the rainbow fading out and I think we would like to go back to the #12 butterfly, but with a little more space between the center faces and no faces on the wings. If you could elongate the butterfly as well we would like to see that. Thanks so much Milla...sorry to have you make so many revisions! #21
    • About #21, @oneinhimjag3
      I uploaded two designs with the changes and the font styles you choose :) I hope I managed to design the butterfly as you imagined. If there is anything more I can do for you, feel free to ask. Best regards

  • What you mean like this?
    I'm very pleased to receive suggestions from you #23
  • Could we also see this logo with the butterfly in various shades of orange with a subdued rainbow behind it arched upward and fading out in color? #16
  • Also, could we see a second revision with the colors in the butterfly wings with a little softer edges as well as color? #16
  • I forgot to mention Milla, maybe a font not so blocked for "Beyond the Rainbow" we're open to script as well. #17
  • Hi Milla, thank you for making the updates as requested. I think we're close but would like to make a few changes. We would like to remove the two faces on the bottom of the wings. Loved the look of the softer rainbow but would like to see how it would look if the rainbow started at the bottom of the left wing and had a very slight arch over the butterfly getting fainter until it fades out. One of the programs of the ranch would be to help children who are physically, mentally and sexually abused and someone we showed the logo to today had an issue with the two faces making up the body thinking it may look inappropriate. We didn't feel that it looked that way, but we don't want that type of message to come across in our logo. We would also like to see what other fonts would look like for the name of the ranch. Could you provide us with a few samples? Thanks so much! #12
    • About #12, @oneinhimjag3
      Hi! I uploaded some designs with the changes you proposed. I hope I did the right thing with the rainbow, I tried my best :)
      Since the situation is very sensitive, I did two designs dominated by butterfly as it is in nature, just on the edge of his wings I added silhouettes of children's faces. I have an idea to leave a butterfly as it is (without adding the faces on the wings ) , and to present the diversity with different forms of other butterflies silhouettes on the logo. What do you think about that?
      Also, if there is some font you like, feel free to tell me.
      Best regards, Milla

    • @millagraphic Great job on the rainbow Milla, we really liked the revision. Would love to see your idea of using different forms of butterflies to represent diversity. I know time is drawing close for us to make our decision and so appreciate you working so hard to make these changes. Just a thought, could you elongate the main butterfly a little - it seems a little short to me.

  • Hi Rafihn, we really liked the concept of putting the rainbow on the wings of the butterfly, and especially liked the font you chose. Could we see a revision with softer colors in the wings? #16
  • We enjoyed looking at your concepts but had our heart set on the monarch butterfly with silhouettes of children's faces as part of the butterfly's wings. Would love to see revisions reflecting this theme. #10
    • About #10, @oneinhimjag3 I have been working on a design that reflects your wishes. I will be posting it when I feel satisfied with the result.

  • Hi Routh, we really liked the playful font and the softness of the logo, but at first glance we primarily saw the faces and not the butterfly. We liked the concept of the rainbow on your next entry looking more like a prism but the faces making up the butterfly's body looked a little inappropriate for the nature of the ranch...which is a place of healing for children who have been abused physically, mentally or sexually. Would love to see revisions. Thanks so much! #13
  • Hi Milla, oh my goodness....I had tears in my eyes when I saw the revisions. We absolutely loved the children's faces on the wings! It turned out even better than we had imagined. Thank you for bringing the arch down a little, but if you could bring it down a little more and make the rainbow a little more subdued - I'm trying to think of the words but when I see a rainbow in the sky it's softer in appearance. Maybe blending the colors a little closer so there is no white in between? Also, could we see how it would look to change the color in "Children's Ranch" to the same blue in the butterfly wings. Do you think it would stand out enough? Thanks so much for the beautiful work you've presented to us Milla, and for bringing our vision to life ; ) #9
    • About #9, @oneinhimjag3 Hello!
      I made the changes you have requested and I hope that you will like this version too :) I changed the color of the ''Children's Ranch'' text and i merged the colors of the rainbow, so it looks more natural now. If you have more ideas, let me know.
      Best regards, Milla

  • We loved your interpretation of what our logo should look like, especially partial to #7. The fact that the butterfly looks like a monarch butterfly really captured our attention. Since our ranch will represent a "rainbow" of cultures, we would really like to see a few more silhouettes of children's faces in the outer portion of the wings of the butterfly. Would like to see the rainbow a little more subtle and perhaps not as arched. Can't wait to see your next are exceptionally talented! #7
    • About #7, @oneinhimjag3
      Hello. Thank you for your reply and kind words, I really appreciate this. I did the changes you requested. As you can see on the edges of butterfly wings, there are silhouettes of faces of the children, I have tried to make children of different cultures, but it seems that it does not notice much . Then, I softened the rainbow's colors and reduced the arc. If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know :)
      Best Regards, Milla

  • Hi Routh, we really liked this version. Would it be possible to put a few more faces of children on the outer portion of the wings? Some that would reflect more ethnic silhouettes? Really like the look of the rainbow subdued. While I like the look of the name bolder, could you make "Beyond the Rainbow" larger than "Children's Ranch" (or even enlarge the pitch of the B and W to wrap around "Children's Ranch below)? So looking forward to see this revision. You do amazing work! #5
    • About #5, @oneinhimjag3 Based on your suggestions,working on something amazing ,you're going to love it!!!!.................
      Have a nice day. :)

    • @Routh We're so excited...can't wait to see it! Hope you're having an awesome day!

  • We liked the font you used but we were hoping for something a little closer to what we envisioned...a monarch butterfly with a silhouette of children's faces incorporated in the wings flying over a soft rainbow. Is that something that you could help us with? #2
  • Hi Routh, we really liked your concept - it is beautiful, but we have a few tweeks. The children that will be part of our program will be between the ages of 5-12 and the faces should represent older children. Could you move the faces a little closer together so that it looks a little more like a butterfly. Also could you make the rainbow a little more faint in color and add a few more colors. I noticed on your portfolio you did a few names of businesses with two lines...since our name is so long could you do "Beyond the Rainbow" on one line and "Children's Ranch" underneath - maybe in a different font? Very impressive work though - you're really onto something great! #1