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Winning design #185 by 3B-Designs, Logo Design for beyoutifully inspired Contest
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designed by 3B-Designs

Project description

beyoutifully inspired is a lifestyle brand created to encourage girls to be true to themselves. We celebrate diversity and promote inclusion for all girls. Our products include positive messages and affirmations.


We would like to create a round logo with the word beyoutifully at the top and inspired at the bottom. In the middle, we would like a large capitol B and a capital U separated by a star or asterisk, etc. We have not decided on our colors yet, but please keep in mind this is a company for girls primarily in the age range of 13-17. We want it to be appealing to them while still representing power and strength. 

In addition to the overall logo, we are looking for a way to make the “be you” part of beyoutifully stand out to send our message.

We look forward to seeing your designs. Thank you!

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  • Star aligned in a better way. #185
    • @3blogodesigns ok thanks!

  • Can you tell me the difference between 184 and 185? #184
  • Reduced the size of the star as requested. Thanks for your patience CH @beyou #184
  • About #159, @ARASHH
  • Can you make the star a little smaller? #179
    • @beyou Sure CH..But It's already late night here CH. Will update it within 8 hrs for sure.

  • There you go CH @beyou. The letters "B" and "U" are now in black color. Waiting for your valuable feedback #179
  • Can you make the B and U black? #78
  • This butterfly doesn't look like the same one you originally made the design with. Can you try that one? Also can you try a pink star also? Thanks! #127
    • @beyou you are welcome. Here are the revisions #173, #174, #175, #176, #177, #178. I changed the butterfly in #127 cause I think the original one #175 doesn't look good when very small. #177 - an abstract BU

  • Simple but luxury BU lettermark logo design. #172
  • Simple but luxury BU lettermark logo design. #171
  • BU Lettermark Simple but modern look logo design. #158
  • BU lettermark and round shape logo design. #157
  • BU lettermark round logo design. #156
  • Hi, nice to meet you. This logo i've been made. Thanks for your attention. #151
  • Can we try the B and U in gray and add the butterfly instead of the star. #122
  • I really like this design! Can you try this with the B and the U in the middle. #111
  • About #90, Hi @beyou, thank you for the rating, I am glad you like my design. Here are some more versions #107, #108, #109, #110, #111 I hope you like them too
  • i'm ready to your feedback #89
  • i'm ready to your feedback #88
  • We really like these designs. Can you put some space between the B and the U in the middle? Thanks #55
    • @beyou thank you for you apreciation and your feedback, please check my revised design ( as per your instruction ) at #79 #80 #81 #82 #83 #84 #85 #86, if there is any change that you want from my design please let me know, Thanks