Bibip - online marketplace for buying & selling used cars

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Winning design #56 by wenxDesign, Logo Design for Bibip - online marketplace for buying & selling used cars Contest
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designed by wenxDesign

Project description

Bibip is an online C2C marketplace for buying & selling used cars by removing all hassles and turning the process into a cheerful experience.

For buyers, we search and find only cars in good condition (low mileage&fresh cars with no accident record) and create listing with detailed inspection report and high quality photos. We sell cars at market price with %100 money back guarantee with no questions return policy.

For sellers, we guarantee market price selling within 30days and with no hassle. Car owner will keep driving his car while we take care of selling the car.

Target customer:
our target customers (both as sellers and buyers) are divided in to following groups:
- white collar professionals: They would like to sell at the max. value but very busy. Also they would like to buy higher class as a replacement.
- ladies: they do not like selling / buying process since they don't feel secure to trade with totally strangers.
- young singles: Fresh graduates at the very beginning of their career. Social media is very important part of their life. They are very open for online business.

- Very Simple: One can both sell & buy with few clicks.
- Desired cars only: We sell only cars which we can buy for our selves (young cars with low millage and no big accident history.)
- Very detailed info: All the cars are deeply inspected and all the information put online. For the buyers, one can get all the information required for decision.
- High Quality Photos: All the photos will be shot by professionals in a studio with high resolution. Buyer can see all details (small scratches or dirt inside etc via photos)

Bibip is an onomatopoeic word in our local language which imitates car horn voice when pressed twice successively.

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  • Hello, In my this design I just change the color of the text and make it bit off-white because it looks a bit more luxurious an simpler. Hope you like it. Thank you. #391
  • Hello, Here I tried another design for your company, playful and loud design.Besides, the whole logo is minimal and the car abstract gives it a good luxurious look. Overall, I think it fulfills your demanded look and feel. You can also see the horn in the letter p which is a bit iconic with the name as well. Hope you like it. If you have any suggestion, please share. #390
  • About #310, @marlborolight595
    Can you please show how it may look like on paper with white and black backgrounds separetely?
    • please check my revision in #383 , i add black and white background in paper . i hope you like it and give me more feedback sir. :) About #310, @tozden

  • About #310, @marlborolight595
    Can you please show how it may look like on paper with white and black backgrounds separetely?
  • Simple, modern, playful & professional logo design. #370
  • Unique And Simple Design.Please Give Me your Feedback #352
  • Feedback Please #350
  • Hello @tozden, here is my design with this simple and catchy font+ silouhet.
    Let me kwnow if you want some other variations. #349
  • hope you like my new entries. have a nice monday sir! #333
  • hope you like this idea,, and please feedback & rate #331
  • Hello, i hope you like it, i think this design has everything that you need, if you want a change don't doubt to tell me. Thank you!! #326
  • modern and playful #323
  • i know there is related like car selling marketplace logo with unique modern and playful design #322
  • Please check 2nd design #317
  • any feedback will appreciate :) #316
  • Please check and feedback #303 thanks
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  • sir any feedback for #232 #235
  • please give me feedback.

    thanks. #277
  • hello,
    please check this,
    i hope you like my design.

    thanks. #275