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Winning design #235 by barkside, Logo Design for BID Marketing Contest
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designed by barkside

Project description

BID is a well established telemarketing business in the UK, having been trading for over 15 years. We only work in the B2B space and our clients are within IT, Professional Services and Financial Services. We basically supply an outsourced inside sales function. Our core function is generating sales opportunities for our clients, although we do also own some specific prospecting data that we sell (about 10% of the revenue)and undertake market research campaigns. The company is looking to rebrand from Business Intelligence Direct to BID Marketing and therefore require a new logo to reflect this identity. Please view our current website which will give you a sense for who we are. I'm not particularly tied to the existing colour schemes and have a preference for a logo that can also be used as an icon (as we will be releasing an app for the ipad in the new year) but am also happy to have BID Marketing wording in it. Core themes for what we do: telemarketing, book meetings, profile companies, supply data, grow sales revenue.

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  • Dear CH, #34 Thanks for the great score! Cheers, Mini
  • Dear Ch, please check new design change the font feedback thanx
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #42 for your review... Thank You, DM
  • #30 - The "B" from BID stylized forming also the bars for the stats/graphs used in market research. #29 , #31 , #32 and #33 - Represents the "M" from Marketing also stylized forming also the bars for the stats/graphs used in market research. All off them could be use with gradient effects or without them. Thank you, Best Regards
  • #26: A stylized B+M logo icon. Simple and clean. Could be used with/out glossy effects.
  • Thank you for the feedback about #17. I'll try to make another one.
  • Hi, I made another variation of #16, number #25. I also show at the bottom of the sketch how this logo would work nicely as an iPad app button.
  • like the icon, again would like to see some variations of the BID font though if possible?
  • very good idea with the gavel, could you try a few different fonts please?
  • Like the idea but sadly one of my competitors has target in their name so can't really pursue this line.
  • Hello, I have submitted #9 #10 #11 #14. I tried to create an object as your icon, taking under consideration the fact that b and d are reflected letters and i is 2 shapes by itself. I hope it makes sense :-) Any feedback woul be very helpful. Thank you so much
  • SantosNW - we are a slightly strange company in that whilst we are a marketing agency our role is to generate sales opportunities for our clients, so we sit in a slightly odd halfway house between the 2. If you look at my clients they are invariably a combination of marketing and sales directors / managers so on the one hand it is all about strategy and building growth. On the other hand you have sales people and all they care about are meetings with good prospects and well qualified sales leads, so becomes a bit less strategic and bit more 'sales' driven! We are exceptionally good at taking forward complex propositions and making them work over the phone, and then generating meetings for our clients. Equally we are very process driven which helps clients work through the process of developing propositions - creating the essence of the pitch is a nice way of viewing it. Does this help?
  • Hi Sir, Please go through my design #7. Give your needfull comments. Thankyou & Regards Vipish TP
  • Icon reminds me of one of those puzzles where you have to get the the stick from one end to the other without a buzzer going off. Think that has some potential but don't like the fonts I'm afraid.
  • Dear CH, about the #3 can you say something ? wan't another kind of "idea" ? i was thinking about one Lamp " to the creativity " , but it will disconnect with the marketing concept. About marketing what i know, is that marketing is not about sales, is about change the people behavior,and strategic thinking ... of course, after and mission and value, and a target defined. What i mean is, in your company, to be more incisive with my work ? can you do to me a SWOT about your company ? 3 strong points , 3 weak , 3 oportunities and 3 Threats ? so i will create a new concept thinking more Marketing , before, the simple design of an arrow going up , meaning sales growing ... don't you think so ? Best Regards, João Santos ( Portugal )
  • Could you try a slightly different B in the incon and perhaps a bolder colour?
  • Like the App logo although not 100% on the lightning arrow. Also am looking to remove the business intelligence direct as that will be the 'old' company name.
  • Hey Geoff, Please see my submission #4 and share your views on it. Thanks.
  • Thanks Mini - doesn't quite feel right I'm afriad as your submission feels a little stark and think would struggle to use the icon for an app. Hope this helps
  • Dear Geoff, Arrows, wrong direction? Also work without text or text in another position. Cheers, Mini