This was my first experience with design contest and the experience was very good. It was really exciting to receive so many logo drafts and to pick the one that really conveys the message you want. I will definitely use again.

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Winning design #172 by olgert, Logo Design for Bielers  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by olgert

Project description

The name “Bieler” has its origin from my home town in Switzerland, Biel. I grew up in Biel and my mother used (and still does) to make delicious cheese wafers. They were so addictive that once we would start eating we could not stop. She would also make sweet versions and I can still remember the amazing smell all over the house. A few years ago, I bought a machine in order to recreate them in the UK where I live. Over the months, I started inventing new tastes and using new ingredients as well. Inspired by my childhood, I want the Bielers to be produced in scale and available in the UK.

Core values: 

  • Delicious genuine/crispy thin wafers 
  • Family 
  • Childhood memories
  • Upmarket but not luxurious 

in terms of inspiration, I have a picture of my daughter who holds a tray full of wafer so maybe that could be something we could use. Happy to send you that at a later stage. Please let me know if you need more information at this stage. 

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