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Winning design #35 by musaver786, Logo Design for bigpicwellness Contest
Gold Medal

designed by musaver786

Project description

I am in need of a logo for my wellness counseling business. My focus is on helping people achieve greater balance in their lives through a better understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. I am looking for a design that will be timeless- not using current trends. I like the idea of using an ancient symbol, such as the Flower of Life, or the Tree of Life - but am not married to either, or the use of any at all. Just examples. I would like the logo to convey peace, tranquility, and love. I would also like that the logo have color, but not be dependent on the color, so that it will translate well if need be in B&W applications. I would prefer to have my tag "mind-body-spirit" in the logo. My website is, to get an idea of what the business is about. Also, the business name is all low caps, bigpicwellness. I would like a font that plays on the synergy of the lower case b, g, and p.

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  • This does not have the feel I am going for at all. For one I want the business name to be prominent- this logo is more about the tree than anything else. Also there is no color- it is not warm at all- there is nothing peaceful or loving about it. The tree looks dead. Psychologically, black is very cold and uninviting.
  • Please take a look at my work #1 and tell me what you think.
  • Nicer with the color, thank you. The font to me looks just a little compressed, especially in the g.
    • Thank you for your feedback. Do you want a bolder font ? :)

    • Not so much bolder as just cleaner. More crisp. The letters b, p, and g can all have similar lines in lower case, which I like to highlight.

  • I really do like this, I think your other design, #15, translates better in monochromatic. The leaf loses a bit here without color. But a really nice design- also a favorite of other people who I have asked for feedback.
  • Like the simplicity, but the swoopy symbol reminds me of the current trend that will eventually be dated looking.
  • This has a nice simplicity and cleanness to it that I like. I don't feel the peace, love, etc in the symbol though. I think "paperclips" when I see it.
  • I love the way this translates in color or black and white, and also how versatile it is against the different backgrounds. Could you switch the font to the same one you used in #16, the "leaf design" for lack of a better term? I like the "g" in that font more than this one... I want the way the lower case b, g, and p all have similar lines. The circular nature of this lower case g throws that off. Thanks.
  • This has overall feel that I am going for- clean, simple. A couple of things - there is no need for quotation marks around the tag. The font is a little too slick- with the slant in the e. I would also make the symbol on the left more colorful. It is simple enough that in color it will look nice, and in B&W still hold its form. Thank you.
    • look at my redesigned entry #14 and tell what do you think about that. :)

  • Just noticed something - biz name is spelled wrong. big, not bic. Ha. Looked at this many times before noticing.
  • This is more along the lines- I like the abstractness of the symbol. THe W would need to be lower case.
  • I like the colors used. The W in the logo would need to be lower case. I feel though that the hearts are a little trite. It is sort of an obvious "Hallmark" way to convey love.
  • I think this is good in the sense that the symbol is sort of a modern interpretation of an ancient symbol. However I feel like these swoopy people symbols are going to be very passé.
  • Same issues with this design as the other as far as the modern swoop and .com- however one thing I think this symbol does better is it would translate better to B&W if need be.
  • This is nice work. I think it is a little too modern feeling though in the symbol. It has that swoopy look that I think will be dated looking in a few years. Also, no need to put the .com at the end of the biz name. That gives it that late 90's .com boom feel. I'm promoting the business with the logo, not the website.
  • This is a very nice, clean design. Very much in line with what I am looking for. Could you make the w lower case though? I have no caps anywhere in the biz name. Thank you.
  • I really like this. A lot. Could you add the words mind body spirit under the logo? And I really like the font overall - is it possible to have this font (or very similar) with a g that has the lower line coming down instead of circular? Excellent design. Very nice work. Thank you for the submission.
  • I think this is a very creative approach - and overall I really like it. Two things: 1) I worry about the design being a little too busy or complicated, especially for small applications like a business card. 2) I like the font except for the height of the b and l. The long nature of it makes it look a little unprofessional.
  • Hi CH! I'm sorry for my first comment, i made a mistake. That isn't my entry. My entry is #8, please take a look and provide me some feedback. :)
  • Hi CH , can U give me your opinion about my entry #13 ? thnx
  • Hello CH! Look at my entry #7 and provide me some feedback. :)