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Winning design #160 by jacondsign, Logo Design for Bin Smart FL Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jacondsign

Project description

Business that provides trash/recycling bin cleaning service.

Bins are wash using high pressure & hot water.
Bins are clean inside and outside.
Bins are disinfected with biodegradable antibacterial detergentes and then deodorized.
100% eco friendly.

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  • This logo (160) will be the winner. Can you also included 172 in your files. Thanks #160
    • @BinSmartFL hello Ch thank you so much for the comment, yes during finalization we can have 7 days for the revisions that you want after you declare the winner, you can have all the files that you want.

  • I definitely like this logo. Can you send me one with the bin on the left side to see how it looks #160
    • @BinSmartFL Here's your request CH,.. Please check,. #169 #170 #172 & #177

  • Hi, @BinSmartFL Kindly, would you like to review my updated entries #80 #93 #108 #141
    Thank you!
  • That’s perfect!
    One more change, please the color of the bin is very good, but can you do the shadow like in your draw 138.
    You can do white background now.
    Thanks #139
    • @BinSmartFL Hello CH,.. Here's the changes,.. Please check #160

  • @BinSmartFL #159
  • @BinSmartFL #158
  • design 01 #154
  • Hi, @BinSmartFL

    As per your brief I design this simple and eye catching logo. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks. #148
  • Hello, can you please use this design but with the bin in turquoise color. And background color lemon green. Thanks #135
    • @BinSmartFL Hello CH,.. Here's your request please check #139 & #140 ,. Thanks! :)

  • Eye-catching and fun logos, hopefully as you wish #105
  • arx
    About #75, @alexandalis12
    good day ch please see revised entry #101
    thank you for the ratings...
  • arx
    About #75, @alexandalis12
    good day ch please see revised entry #101
    thank you for the ratings...
  • Rating received for the design. Revisions? Tnx #71
  • Can you switch the colors on the works.
    BIN: Green
    SMART: Blue

    Thank you! #75
  • Can you use the color Sabina is using?

    Thank you! #67
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I uploaded a revised design, please check. If you need any other changes, let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina. #74
  • Looking forward for feedback... Logo on plain background is the Main Design. Other designs are presentation mock-ups. Mock-ups show how Main Design is usable on different mediums. Tnx
  • Hello!

    Here I come with my clean and simple porposal for your branding project. Main elements on the bin are playing as a recycling and eco-friendly symbol around and wheel is a part of the wordmark in a subtle way.

    Kindly, let me know if you have any suggestion to my work.

    All the Best! #66
  • Please remove the bubble on top of the B. #61
  • Can you switch the color of the word Bin to blue and the color of the word smart to green... #60