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Winning design #111 by mjmdesign, Logo Design for Birthplace Brewing Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mjmdesign

Project description

Birthplace Brewing is a new craft beer company located in the birthplace of blues and rock and roll, Tupelo, Mississippi.

With roots deep in music, Birthplace Brewing crafts beers that go along with good music for a good time! 

Nothing goes together like beer and music.  

A guitar should somehow be incorporated into the design, along with Tupelo, Mississippi somewhere in the design
Looking for a fun and colorful logo.  Something shabby chic-ish with that would be portrait oriented and fit on a beer bottle. 

This is the land of blues and rock and roll, so think a little gritty/dirty and definitely southern

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  • can you correct city spelling?
    Tupelo? #111
    • Yes of course I can correct it, sorry. I can do that on the final files.

  • I love this , but the city is misspelled.
    Tupelo, MS #117
  • can you please leave me a feedback about ? :) #120
  • thank you #101
  • @joelowder, Hi CH, I have created #83 & #84 for your consideration. It will be nice to hear your feedback. Thanks, EcoDesigns
    • @joelowder, Any Feedback for #83 & #84? Thanks!

  • This is cool, maybe take out the wheat just to square it up #87
    • @joelowder Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Please check #97 . I hope you like it:)

  • @joelowder can you please leave me a feedback about #82 ?
    • @sangkavr I like it, could use more color, some of the other designs have the more gritty feel I'm looking for, This is good, but a little corporate

    • @joelowder I don't think it is corporate, I just had a thought about bottle beer placement. But thanks for your feedback. I hope you'll consider those placement points in your choice.

  • Are there any color combinations that you would like to see? Thanks
  • Hi, Thanks for the feedback, just doing a few variations for you - vertical etc
  • Really like this just need a few tweeks like the city name, Tupelo, MS #59
  • Sure no problem! Here is a new version with just "Tupelo, Mississippi". Please let me know if you would like to see any other changes. Best, Quelita #85
  • Hi, please check my entry and, if possible, leave me a feedback about it. #82
  • Can change to Tupelo, MS, not the proudly brewed part #75
  • maybe a different color scheme? Red and Blue is a Mississippi College color and I would be offending half of my customer base!
  • Really wish the guitar could be more incorporated and some different color schemes #19
  • If you could tweek this color pallette to the one where the strings go down through, that could be great #39
  • Also love to see a few different colors, love the font! #59
  • Love this. Just need to fit Tupelo, MS on there somehow. Also would love to see some different orientations. Vertical? #59
  • I like this. Really like how the strings go down through the words. I just think it might be a little too dark. More whimsical and fun might be better for what I'm going for
  • Logo has a hand drawn woodcut feel for a Southern look #59