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Winning design #208 by nicolefallek, Logo Design for BitLox   (Hardware Bitcoin Wallet)  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolefallek

Project description

We have created a new hardware bitcoin wallet, and we need a catchy logo.  Basic requirements: 

1) Color scheme - Black, LED electric blue, or White and LED blue (no more than two colors (exceptions could be made for especially bright ideas) 

LED blue:

2) Logo should work in black and white
3) Logo should work on both black and white backgrounds without a box around it. 
4) An average person should be able to sketch all non-typography elements in five seconds or less.
5) Should not have a gradient.
6) Should not use any clipart.
7) Must not contain photos or complex patterns.
8) Must not contain more than one shape in addition to the wordmark (text).
  • 9) Only abstract shapes must be used and not explicit   (i.e. a globe or something else recognizable).
  • 10) Must not use default font kerning.
  • 11)  Must have both horizontal and vertical options.
12) The shape must allow for the replacement of  wordmark (text) by translations in other languages, including oriental, such as Japanese.
13) Simple: easily recognizable
14) Memorable: should spring to mind at the mention of the brand.
15) Timeless: font and shape must be relevant in the past and future.
16) Versatile: like the Nike swoosh, is equally fantastic in color, grayscale, black and white, or reverse print. It also works well at any size, whether printed on postcards, brochures, flyers, or billboards.
17) The logo must  “speak” to the appropriate audience, effortlessly melding color, font, and graphics to convey the essence of the brand. The Toys “R” Us logo evokes memories of childish fun, while the Harley-Davidson mark channels a sense of cool.
18)  It's a Hardware Bitcoin Wallet in the credit card format, so references to the concept of  "card" are acceptable, but only if the above requirements are met. Concepts related to "Bitcoin"  can be used, but it's not a must - however the above requirements must be met in every case.
19) This is a product where people keep their money, so the design must convey a sense of security, solid business, and at the same time - modern digital technologies. 

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