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Winning design #76 by ArtAttack, Logo Design for Bittersweet Brewing Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ArtAttack

Project description

Bittersweet Brewing Company is a new brewery located on the Central Coast of California.  We are looking for a logo that will grab the attention of anyone walking down the beer aisle; in a competitive market first impressions are everything.  We have very few constraints on this design, so please let the creative juices flow!  Humor, irony and playfulness are all welcome – but not necessary.  All that we ask is that designs avoid looking overly “complex” with excessive fine lines and/or colors.

The brewery name, Bittersweet Brewing, stems from the interaction between the hops (supplies bitterness in beer) and malted barley (sweetness). So incorporating designs using complementing/interacting elements are invited, playing off symbiotic relationships, yin yang, opposites attract fire and water, etc. More literal interpretations are welcome, as well.  One rough example we liked a lot was a turtle on his back drinking a beer, under a tap with beer flowing in his mouth (bitter that he is on his back but sweet that he has beer).  Please do not feel restricted with this example.  The rest is up to you; we look forward to seeing what you come up with! 

Addition - 5-31-15

Think we are getting a little off on a tangent with the turtle concept... Perhaps try to play off the contrast of Hops and grain....

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  • @bittersweetbrewing805 ...logo preview #104
  • @bittersweetbrewing805 new version. #102
  • Just added an additional smaller barley and hop to the design. #99 Thank you for the opportunity you shared in this contest. I really do appreciate the feedback you provided. Best of luck with your brewing company. Take care.
  • please eliminate this version. I didn't catch the two companies on the bottom line. About #94, @johnmichaeldesigns
  • This one is back with the original fonts. I also took the initials out of the main design #94
  • Different color examples #91
  • Pls rate.. Thanks #90
  • Here is another take on the design. A little bolder font and incorporating the Company initials into the circle #89
  • Here is a little different design. I added a circle behind the sweet and sour (barley and hop) as a way to combine the two elements much like your brew will combine the two. Also I incorporated the shape into the design with the typography so that it will still associate the two characters with your brand in your customer's minds. The stand alone mark could be used on the bottle caps, coasters, anything you might think of that you might want to place them. Just trying to give you an idea of the value of this design. I apologize for submitting this so late but I have been swamped with my regular job but really wanted to offer you something that you will like. #86
  • This is basically the same concept as the others, but adjusting the sweet to look more like wheat. #85
  • @bittersweetbrewing805 new logo, thanks for the feedback. #74
  • Hello. Please see my concept where the beer is being spilled = bitter, and someone comes from underneath and catches it = sweet. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes! Thanks, Quelita #69
  • Beer Glass. Angel's halo. Devil's horns. Classic fonts. A beer barrel kinda shape in the background to bound the whole unit together, to make it compact. #68
  • Thanks for the update! It looks really good! Can you please make the upper arch line the same color as the "brewing company"font color and make the outline on "Bittersweet" just a little bit bolder... Thanks!! #63
  • Thank you for the entry, however this is not a look we are going for. #60
  • Thank you for your entry! It is a nice logo, but doesn't grab our attention like we would like. #59
  • thank you for your entries, out of them, we think we still like your original #8 over the new ones... #55
  • Thank you for both of your entries they are very nice and colorful, but our name is not derived from the vining plant with bright orange pods... #54
  • Thank you for the entry! the hop and grain both having a beer is funny but this is too cartoony for us. Thanks. #62
  • Thank you for the entry, but the cherub and beer look is just not the direction we are going. #66