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We are a manufacturer of plastic bag.we want a symbol of plastic bag on my logo or anything that our customer can  knows we are the plastic bag factory. 

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  • We are interest in your design but please adjust B and P to red and K To dark grey.at oval please change the blue one to be red,thx u #30
    • About #30, @priyakorn33 Please sir i will do all changes after winning because it is deciding time.i can not upload file.thanks

  • @priyakorn33 Please check this.. #91
  • @priyakorn33 Please check this.. #90
  • @priyakorn33 Please check this.. #89
  • Please check this concept #86
  • @priyakorn33 please check this... #85
  • @priyakorn33 please check this... #84
  • Dear CH,
    Please give me feedback. #67
  • I hope you like it. #54
  • please you check and rate entry #50
  • please checked #46
  • design #44
  • check this one #43
  • About #36, @priyakorn33 BKP with B as a plastic bag
  • please checked,thanks. #24
  • please checked,thanks. #23