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Winning design #96 by Yulistina, Logo Design for Black Girls Cruise Contest
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designed by Yulistina

Project description

Looking for a mermaid design for a cruise for African American women. Design must exhibit style, class and elegance. Must be a nautical theme. Looking for designers who are very creative and love what they do.

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  • Your designs are excellent and we truly appreciate your creativity. As you can see we narrowed the designs down to 2. This has been a very challenging decision. Thank you for complying with all of our requests. However, we finally chose the other design, after much discussion. We chose the other design because in the end the simplicity of the design spoke to what we really wanted to see as the official logo for Black Girls Cruise. Many thanks for your time and efforts. Believe me when we say this was not an easy choice. Best of luck in your future design endeavors.
    • @dmasonq, of my designs , my favorite is the first ( eliminated) . the most simple but very elegant . thank you the same and appreciate your compliments . thanks and good luck to you

  • We love this design and we have chosen your design as the Black Girls Cruise official logo. The words are trademarked and need the "Registered" symbol at the end of Cruise. Within the next few days we must finalize color choices, or can we choose 2 color design combinations. One for a pink t-shirt and one for a purple t-shirt. We really like the pink/green design, but not sure which color t-shirt looks the best. Congratulations on an excellent design!
  • The butterflies look much better. We really like them. However, we like the design without the added designs next to the word Cruise
  • the other design, the other position. i hope you like too. thanks #93
  • Hi , I added new butterflies but remained in the logo theme , I hope you enjoy them . I created a new page layout suitable for caps , shirts and bags , the two versions can be received both . Thanks . #90 and #91 and #92 (bags). Sorry but I don't know why the message was inserted twice
  • Hi , I added new butterflies but remained in the logo theme , I hope you enjoy them . I created a new page layout suitable for caps , shirts and bags , the two versions can be received both . Thanks . #90 and #91
  • @dmasonq Hi good day please check and rate my Entry #75 . the mermaid wearing a nautical cap. What do you think?
  • Sorry, I am just seeing the colors. I do not like the pink/red combination. Can we see pink/green?
    • About #73, @dmasonq
      ok. i will change. thanks for score

    • About #73, @yulistina
      Dear CH
      I do not change the shape of the logo and typography.
      only provide an alternative color combinations (which may be used).
      approved color remains the top choice.
      I will create a several application of the logo in pink and purple tshirt.
      maybe the hat too.
      while there is still time (21 h anymore), to show what you want.
      wait a minute, I will work .....

  • Love your design. You did everything we asked and the butterflies are beautiful. Can we see what this would look like on a pink shirt and a purple shirt. with your choice of coordinating design colors. We have no design change requests. Thanks.
  • Your design is fabulous and we really like it. The "only" thing we need you to work on is the butterflies. They are not as "pretty" and defined as we would like them to be; especially looking at them on the shirt. There are some really pretty butterfly designs available. Thank you and we look forward to seeing the butterfly changes.
  • Design Notes:
    - The shape of the butterfly more defined has been looks beautiful.
    - I give the color of logo in a variety of color schemes.
    - I give the color of logo in black and white too.
    - It is important for the logo. My design “Black Girls Cruise” logo, without gradation,
    to simplify the application on all media and all printing techniques
    (especially the embroidery technique can not use the color gradation)
    - Overall, has been fixed. I've given a complete design.

    hope you are satisfied and I hope you like it.
    Thank you.

    Best Regards
    yulistina #73
  • Please make butterflies more defined. We are putting the logo we choose on t-shirts, hats, and bags. The butterflies will have significance to the cruise. Perhaps 3 butterflies more defined. We will leave that decision up to you. We like this design. Do not like "white" earring; change to another color.
    • About #55, @dmasonq
      ok. i will change. thanks for advices.

  • Beautiful design! Love butterflies. How will the font look on t-shirts, hats, bags? We are thinking about using a purple shirt with pink/green logo to add feminine colors to the design. What are your thoughts?
    • About #59, @dmasonq Hi , thank you very much , I make color tests on a purple shirt and then I will let you know. :)

  • About #59, I've fixed the hand , now it follows the wave
  • simple and elegance.....
    i hope you like too.... #58
  • i hope you like too.... #57
  • i hope you like too..... #56
  • This results logo change.
    the better the logo change and match your criteria.
    change logo consisting of:
    - Face changed into : a beautiful african-american women character (so looks elegance).
    - Equipped with accessories such as earrings and bracelets.
    - So that the stronger character (fixed as a beautiful african-american women mermaid).
    - Arms have changed the position (covering the breast), looks very polite.
    - Fingers playing with butterflies (flying from the hands to up there).
    - The ornaments still as before (unchanging).
    - The color is also made simple elegant and classy.

    overall has represented the company "Black Girls-Cruise".
    and in accordance with the concept and your desires.
    Hope you like.

    Thank you.

    best regards
    Yulistina #55
  • Instead of straight lines, can you add more design to the lines on each side of cruise?
    • @dmasonq Hi, thank you for the feedback. New project #53 and #54 with your requests.

  • We really like your design. The elegance and class is what we like. Lower the arms to cover the breast. Have three to five butterflies coming from extended hands instead of anchor.
    • About #50, @dmasonq
      thank you for giving score to my designs.
      I will try to make in accordance with your request.
      wait a minute. I will do.