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Winning design #123 by finestroke, Logo Design for Black Labs Photo Booths Contest
Gold Medal

designed by finestroke

Project description

We are a photo booth manufacturer. Our name has a duel meaning. The obvious black lab dog and also a sort of covert type of labratory that works on cutting edge, next generation photo booths. Bonus points for incorporating both together, but we are interested in seeing ideas for both by themselves as well.

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  • Dear CH, I just uploaded #21 & #22. Let me know if you need any alterations. Hope you like my ideas. Thanks
  • dear ch.. please check my designs entry #11 ,#10 and #4.. hope you will like it.. :)
  • dear ch, this is my first entry #8, i hope you appreciate the thought and originality. thank you.
  • hell CH, #2 is created by me and I would love to know what you think, Thanks
  • dear ch.. please check my new design.. hope you will like it..:) it's entry #41 , #42 and #43... thanks... :)
  • Dear CH, here is my second design entry #39, a revision on my first design entry #8. i revised the logo not just to make the dog image more clearer but also i wanted the camera elements on the design be noticeable, like the lens i placed inside the flask, to promote the service you are catering. I also changed the flask into a rounded bottom flask to make the lens fit inside it. i retain its color to black to get the modern minimalist look i'm after and to make the logo more recognizable and instills into the client's mind. i hope you'll take a better look on this. your feedback is much appreciated. thank you.
  • Hello CH, Kindly check #37 and #38. I made your logo simple, but looks professional. I use a flask and a pawn of dog to represent the icon (you can see the pawn on the negative space). I uses special type of font so that the logo will look professional. With perfect matching of gradient, you can use your logo in either black or white background. Just tell me if there's anything need to change. Thank you.
  • Interesting visual pun. The logo needs to have Photo booth somewhere in it though
  • I think the writing looks pretty cool.
  • I like where you are heading with this. the tag line needs to be more prominent. Very cool
  • I really like the concept here. try adding a tongue, bigger ears, more prominent nose or something to bring out the dog just a little more.
  • I like where you are going with the emblem. try putting the stem in the middle to look like a flask.
  • Looking good! Can I would like to see the flask less transparent and also smooth out the edges of the flask.
  • really neat design. I would love to see something where the toes of the paw were flipped. somehow make it look like a flask and a paw print
  • Looking good. Can you make the flask less transparent and also make the edges smoother.
  • About #14 Version number 3 Revision #25 Was thinking that the Labs head standing alone floating in mid air would look funny so I added more bubbles and put him in one. Lab size is much bigger than last. Also dropped him in a shadow box frame to give more depth to the logo instead of just a plain black background. Could also be on white but it stands out more in black and colors are more vibrant since yellow is little close to white. Thanks for you feed back Will be standing by for more revisions if any.. Also will start on other concept. Mahalo
  • Dear CH, pls take a better look on my design #8. your feedback is much appreciated. thank you!
  • #23 Glad to hear you like the idea! I revised what you are looking for, please more feedback would be amazing cheers
  • Like this one too - can we see it with the dog's head a little bigger, and up with a bit of separation from the beaker. Also, with and without the multi-colored circle? Thanks! Todd
  • Hey there - I like this one. Can we see it with the dog a little bigger, and maybe on a different type of scientific symbol? This one is a little too busy for what we are looking to do with it. Thanks, Todd