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This was our first experience with DesignContest and we absolutely could not be happier. We were amazed how quickly we had entries to review and the number of designers who participated. Nearly everyone was very responsive to feedback and in the end, we all feel like we got an exceptional final result. We have a local web design company retained, but are actually going to run a contest here, as well. Truly amazing.

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Winning design #82 by nazmul109769, Logo Design for Blackhawk Genomics, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nazmul109769

Project description

We are a relatively new company focused on project management, technical clinical DNA assay design and software solutions for medical laboratories and physician offices. We need a logo that will reflect our field, but not be so generic that it looks like every other DNA-based company's logo out there with a double-helix in it.

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  • Could you shade the grey text a bit darker? We were backing up from the screen and two people said they had a hard time seeing it as well. #82
  • Changed the logo a bit. #131
  • i hope you like my entry #127
  • The font is similar to the logo style of #118, but I don't think it is a copy of it as I used a font of it and literally there are plenty of font looks like this. If it looks offensive, I'll withdraw it. But you should give me an appropriate cause. #124
  • About #90,
    Thank you for your feedback. I'll try some more variation.
  • Icosahedron, Sacred Geometry is a term used to describe patterns, shapes and forms that are part of the all living things in nature. The hexagon shape on your logo will create a simple impression. You may see the black hawk silhouette that will be the icon of your brand.
    This icon will strengthen your brand image, besides from the word "black hawk" the visual image will help people to reminds them of the brand. Modern style were represented in the diamond cut style. The combination of blue turquoise and black will give elegancy to the brand.. #117
  • Hi, I hope you like it and give me some feedback,
    Warm Regards
    Sahead #113

  • Hi, These are my first designs, I hope you like it and give me some feedback,
    Warm Regards
    Sahead #111
  • Like to hear what you think on this design #110
    • @AAZI - I think that it is a little far off of our core business (meaning, the visual elements aren't suggestive of any of the images of of technologies that we work with. Completely by coincidence, a few of the other logos submitted do incorporate similar images). We are also leaning towards logos that would allow us to split off the icon image in the event that it is used for an app or other places where a logo without a name would be useful, but still allow an immediate brand identity.

  • I've used blue and light blue. And also tried all caps. Hope you'll like it. #82
    • @nazmul109769 Thanks so much for adding color! This and the other one with the gradient look great.

  • Would you be willing to do a version of this in a darker blue (less teal)? #23
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track #100
  • Hi check my entry #99
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #94
  • new entry please feedback #81
  • Thank you for your feedback, sorry for my delay. I will try some color and resubmit this concept.
  • Dear CH, please take a look at my design, any feedback would be helpful. If ou want to see any change in font color or shape. KIND REGARDS. [ AAZI ] #79
  • We had some discussion as a group today about this logo and folks like it since it seems to incorporate something that looks simultaneously like a bird (therefore refers to the name) and also a DNA helix at the same time. What we are missing here is some color. Also, we would not capitalize the H. #44
  • Hi,

    Check this new logo ...feel free to ask for any changes,

    Waiting for feedback now.

    Thanks #55
  • We definitely like the general idea and look of this one. We were thinking that it might be a little too purple (would prefer blue). It is possible that the logo will be on a black background for portions of the site, so the contrast of the darker colors against black is important (it needs to pop). Also, something that alluded to DNA or medical just a bit in the actual icon. This is really applicable to all the logos we are considering and not just this one. #40