Blayco Designz bicycle furniture

Design Contest has been a great website for us to use. We have found it really easy and a great way to access a lot of different creative ideas from different designers. I would recommend this site for any small to medium sized business.


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Winning design #120 by rafirezeki, Logo Design for Blayco Designz bicycle furniture Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rafirezeki

Project description

Blayco is a start up New Zealand based company designing and manufacturing wooden bike stands. Our aim is to turn bicycle storage into furniture and art that people would be proud to display in their homes. Our product is unique, sustainable and Eco friendly. The bicycle stand gives the appearance that the bicycle is floating, flying or climbing a mountain.

We are wanting to use the colors green, blue and black in the logo but are open to how they are used etc

Attached are some very simple free hand drawings of how we would like the logo to look but are very open to designers interpretations and style. 

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  • Hi,
    We are down to the top 4. We really like your design. We would love to see design 120 and 119 with the blue that you used in 51 for the word designz and the bike. Can you make this change and send it through. #120
    • Hi @blayco thank you very much for your feedback. I've changed the color as you requested. Where do you want me to send it?

    • @blayco i've been upload the design on my portofolio here and i also upload the same one with a little change( you can see it on my portofolio too) .Let me know if you want some improvement. Thank you.
      Best regards, Rafi.

    • @blayco Please check my portofolio again for the new one. Thank you.

  • Hello, great design can we please see it with "DESIGNZ" instead of bicycle furniture, many thanks
    • @blayco Thank you very much for yourfeedback. I have uploaded the new one as your request #119 . Please let me know if you need anything else like font type, font size, or position. Thank you.

    • @blayco Sir, please take a look my new design that failed to enter this contest because i didn't know that the contest has expired at 11.27 AM . If you have any interest with my design on the link above, with all respect please extend the contest. Thank you very much. Best Regards, Rafi.

    • @blayco About #144, Hi, what's happening, why did you eliminate my designs?

  • hello, great design, can we please see it with DESIGNZ instead of bicycle furniture, thanks #82
    • About #82, @blayco

      i sent some revised designs. Please tell me if it need another changes.
      regards DIANA

  • Hello, great design, can we please see it with a Z in designs, many thanks #8
  • Would appreciate any feedback on the design I posted. #106
  • Please take a look #102, #103, #104
  • Dear there,
    Design from me again.

    me #101
  • Dear there,
    This is design from me to "blayco"

    me #98
  • I'm glad you like my design, here is some little changes you may like. :) #97
  • Please take a look #96 . Your feedback is very important. #96
  • Please take a look #95 . Your feedback is very important. #95
  • kindly check this one:) thankz #88
  • please check my new entry i hope you like it:) #87
  • hello! check this one ;) #56
  • Hi, hope you like my design, i'm open to any suggestions. :) #52
  • BBF-6

    A restyling of my draft with a new green hue, rearranged text (the "c" and "o" are twin letters, just differently rotated), reshaped icon with a reworked wing and a new tagline font (same as main text). #46
  • thank you very much for the highest rating sir:) i revise little bit my design kindly check sir, i hope you like it
    thanks:) #45
  • check and feedback please... #44
  • check please,,, #43
  • ds #35