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Winning design #85 by yjoleane, Logo Design for bleatosphere Contest
Gold Medal

designed by yjoleane

Project description

I'm looking for a logo for a new website based on the book Reframed coming out later this year. The website will be a political blog for the 99.9% of American's whose complaints have no effect on the way the government effects their lives, and offers an unique solution. Image should be red, white & Blue and have an image of a sheep, preferably bleating.

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  • I like the concept. I prefer the text to be all lowercase and somehow for the O to be white. Possibly a mouth on the sheep with a pink tongue.
    • Great! I've posted #11, #12, #13, and #14 as variations on the feedback you gave me: - #11 has the full sheep icon as the O in bleatosphere - #12 has the sheep as a logo above the name, but I kept the speech bubble as the O as well - #13 has the O in white with a black outline, and I stretched the speech bubble from the sheep in the logo to emphasize the fact that the bubble is coming from "bleat" - #14 has the speech bubble as the O again, but with the outline in black to make the white inside pop a little more than the red in version #12 All of these sheep also have the pink tongue added in as per your request. I can combine any of the elements from any of these as well as make any further changes you would like made, just let me know! Thank you for the detailed feedback.

  • Maybe make the outline around the o darker. Ditch the thinking bubble.
    • Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Made changes as per your direction. Hope it will work. Regards...

    • |--|

      navin9949 {*wrote*}:
      Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Made changes as per your direction. Hope it will work. Regards...
      |--| Thanks. Changes made a big difference. I'm not sure about the horns on the sheep.

    • Should the horns be soft? Let me try to make it harmless. lol

    • Design #9 with changes.. More changes are welcome as according to you. Thanks a lot to communicate. It makes the work easy and cheerful.

  • Blue is too pale. I like the tongue. Good attempt at white o but it doesn't work.
  • What about using the sheep as the O in bleatosphere?
  • Hi CH, Thanks for your feedback. I changed in the design #4 as your feedback. But I want to put 3 colors in the name. It looks good, if you consider. Will change it, if you want. First thing is the icon. Please check it. Regards...
  • I like 3 colors for the text, but the colors should really be red white and blue. The icon is too small and abstract to convey the ide.
  • Very cool. I'd like the o to be white (possibly shaded) and a pink tongue at the sheep's mouth.
  • Hello! I have submitted #1 for your review - I attempted to combine the idea of a "bleat" in a speech bubble with the actual sheep icon. Let me know what you like/might like changed!
  • Hello CH, I just submitted #16 for your review, Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!. Thank You
  • Nice changes. Can you try one with lowercase
    • Hi CH, #29 and #30 have lowercase letters. Please let me know what you think Thank You

    • Hello Ch, I made #38 and #41 with a different face for the sheep. I hope you like it, Best Regards

  • HI Good morning, Design #39 and #40 & #42 is again for your considerations. Tried different sheep for your concern. Please provide me feedback again. Kind regards...
  • This is heading in the right direction. I'd like to see the sheep about twice the size (OK that it's bigger than the other text). And for this one I thing the V shaped carat that would be the connector for the thought bubble should be taken out. Also, I'l like to see a little more definition of the sheep face (it looks a little like a cow). Pink tonguge, possible simple nose and eyes
    • Great! #34 is the same just with the sheep enlarged and the carrot removed. #35 is also enlarged and with the carrot removed as well as a new face on the sheep to make it look more sheep-like. Let me know what you think/would like changed!

    • On #35 could you make the line width of the red outline of the sheep thinner and make the face smaller and slightly to the top. Tx

    • Yeah! #37 has a thinner red line and the head moved up.

    • Are there any other changes you might like made to #37?

  • Nice. Could you try lower case, extend the tongue or open the mouth a little more and possibly make the sheep look more helpless. Tx
  • Good image. I suggest putting the O in white with outline and add pink tongue to sheep and have it face left instead of right.
    • Thank You for your feedback. I have modified. Please check #31.

  • I like the way you make the sheep icon into the O. Political blog would be redundant. The sheep image itself doesn't convey a the helplessness of a bleating sheep and the red/white/blue of an American flag doesn't come through.
    • Thank You for your feedback! I just submitted #25 with some changes. Any more feedback would be awesome, Thanks

  • I like the sheep over the O and I like the outline O. The sheep looks too much like an alien and not enough like a helpless bleeting sheep.
  • The O works.
  • Really great sheep image but it somehow doesn't convey the idea.
  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my design #69 best regards
    • Nice design but doesn't work for the website.

  • Hi CH. i have submitted my entry #67 hope you like it. pls comment on it so that i can make further revision thank you^_^