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Winning design #144 by raa, Logo Design for Bluegrass Bred Racing and Breeding Farm Contest
Gold Medal

designed by raa

Project description

We are a small Kentucky farm that is just beginning to breed and race thoroughbred horses.  We need a logo that will be used to go on the jockey's silks, letterhead and a sign in front of the farm.

We would like a blue and green color scheme, although the colors I selected through this website do not have to be exact (i.e., you can make the blue and green darker or lighter if you want).

My wife really would like to see a shamrock or four leaf clover incorporated into the design.  She has suggested trying to use two B's back to back (like db except all caps) as the leaves of the clover (i.e. backwards B and frontwards B) --gosh this is hard to explain without having the proper characters on the keyboard to type!  But please do not limit your designs to that.  We are very open minded.

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  • Just to give everyone an update, we are currently in the process of voting on the files to pick a winner. Thanks for your hard work, creative designs and your patience as we make this very important decision.
  • please check, thanks #170
  • this my design sir, i hope you like this ^ #168
  • Bluegrass Bred Racing and Breeding Farm #167
  • Bluegrass Bred Racing and Breeding Farm #166
  • Bluegrass Bred Racing and Breeding Farm #165
  • Bluegrass Bred Racing and Breeding Farm #164
  • ??? #153
  • ... #150
  • ... #149
  • raa
    I hope this is what you had in mind. #144
  • please give feedback to me #138
  • ? #136
  • ???? #135
  • Can you try adding a line of some sort between the interlocking B's? Maybe a very thin green line that looks like it is part of the stem?? #59
  • ... #133
  • ... #132
  • @larry3 Tried a different symbol. Let me know what you think. #129
  • Hello! I hope you enjoy it, if you need any changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina. Thank you
  • Hi, my name is Dez Jones and I am a Pro Sign Writer based in the UK. Here is my design submission which I hope will become your new logo. If you have any feedback that would be great. Kind Regards Dez Jones. #119