Design contest has been a pleasant surprise and Alex_Yar a very helpful and engaging designer. Would happily recommend this site to anyone. Brad

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Winning design #70 by Alex_Yar, Logo Design for Bobaz Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Alex_Yar

Project description

Product is Bubble Tea, target audience 14-35 year olds. Logo must be simple and sophisticated and suitable for the side and top of Bubble Tea cups, t-shirts, business cards car doors and other merchandising. 3 or less colors, earthy colors preferred but not essential.


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  • Hi there aguycalledbrad

    you need to choose a winner to work with winner in finalization area, this article will help guide you

    if you need any help please email me
    • @sharie I have selected a winner using the gold trophy process about three days ago. I have just done so again today 25/4, but nothing seems to have changed. I have notified the winner and am working with him to get some small changes made. Not sure if it has come through.

    • @aguycalledbrad hi there you need to choose gold, then silver and then bronze, once you do this you have 7 more days to work with winner in finalization area. Please email me the entry numbers for gold,silver and bronze I can mark these for you

  • Hi Alex we have selected you as the winner. We have tested your logo with some friends and some have trouble reading the letter Z. Can you change the Angle/Location of the letter Z so it is more legible. Can we also see what it looks like with the Shadow Bubble Tea cup (around the letter A) slightly larger. For the middle design, can you remove the bubbles from above the word Bobaz. Finally can we have another version that has a different shadow across each bubble (your design has a white/grey round shadow, can we change it to a different shape shadow) #70
    • About #70, @aguycalledbrad of course -I try to change design based on your comment

    • About #70, @aguycalledbrad but how I will upload a new design if the contest is over? When contest expired - all designer can not upload images until a winner is not selected

    • About #70, @aguycalledbrad I put a modified design, based on your comment in my portfolio - because when contest expired - all designer can not upload images until a winner is not selected!Look at my profile and tell me , correctly I have understood you? best regards,Alexandr!

    • About #70, @aguycalledbrad got some little changes - Look at my profile - or or best select me officially a winner - and we will continue to work for the best design)

  • please feedback #94
  • T-Shirt mock up with my design. #93
  • I created this bubble tea character for you from a bubble tea cup. #92
  • just another idea that came to me in the night ...... #89
  • Little change color of brown - for the best combination of burnt orange,that all #86
  • This is really good. Can we see what it looks like with the text closer to the cup. Can you also lower the three bubbles closer to the cup as well slightly. Can we also see what it looks like with the Cup taking the place of the letter A (design of cup and balls does not need to change, but can if you think it looks better) Finally can we also see what it looks like with the green color substiturted for other colours like burnt orange, amber, olive green etc. #65
    • About #65, @aguycalledbrad Absolutely! I will get working on this for you.

  • maybe a last change :| #80
  • Try to woks again. #79
  • This is a good design, but unforunately it reminds us of Starbucks, who will be one of our competitors since they sell coffee and we sell tea, #60
    • @aguycalledbrad These less like starbucks? #75, #76

  • THank you for this design. Can we please see what the cup on the right looks like with balls covering the bottom inch of the cup. Can we also see what it looks like on a clear cup #61
    • About #61, @aguycalledbrad Here are some versions #77, #78

  • this is an interesting design, but not what we are after. #74
  • Thank you for your desing. unfortunately this is not what we are after. Thanks #57
  • This is a good design but not what we are after. Thanks #58
  • I try some variations of this theme with different colors and different fonts. #74
  • Thank you for presenting this design, but is is not what we are after. we prefer some of your other ones #59
  • Thank you for presenting these, Unfrtunately they are not what we are after, the scheme targets only part of our audience (younger part) #62
  • OF these three, we prefer tht brown cup on the end, however this not what we are after. Thanks #64
  • About #71, @adjeiijackraven4 okkay thank you :|