Bolo - Disposable Bibs

I had a great experience with all the designers that participated in the my Logo contest. The designers understood my brief and incorporated all the details I was looking for. I am happy to say that exceeded my expectations and I look forward to starting my second contest. Congratulations to Elyden for taking the gold!

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Winning design #72 by Elyden, Logo Design for Bolo - Disposable Bibs Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Elyden

Project description

EA Innovations LLC has created a new consumer product called Bolo - Disposable Bibs. This product will be sold online and by retailers (Convenience Stores). I am looking to enhance an existing logo that has been created about 1 year ago. The original concept for the existing logo was based on Bounty Paper towels logo. I am looking to retain the same concept, but I am also very open to new concepts and designs. I would like to see how the logo can be enhanced so that's it's more appealing to consumers. Our customers are the following: Business Professionals, Industry workers (construction, electricians, truck drivers, plumbers, etc..), Mothers (Babies & Children), Elderly (Nursing Homes), Hospitals, etc... Also, I would like to see the words "Disposable Bibs" a little more prominent, and incorporate the tag line "Catches the Mess". See attached presentation demonstrating the product and existing logo. Please use similar colors: Blue, light blue, Black, etc... I'm open to greens and yellows. Color's that represent a fresh clean feeling. This is part 1 of a 3 part contest I will be hosting over the next month or so. Following this project there will be a package graphic design and website contest. Keep in mind the Logo will be part of the packaging graphic design and website.

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  • About #2 apologies about the miss spell, ill keep reworking it for you
  • Looking better. But not too Thrilled with the background. It needs more dimension. I want this logo to pop. Also, Disposable is spelled wrong.
  • Thank you for your submission. Please look at the attached presentation and Bolo logo example for reference. It needs to be similar to the existing logo, but more enhanced. It's important that the logo represents the product. I'm not sure what the leaves represent in your design.
  • Can you try using a different accent in the background instead of the star burst? I would like to see some alternatives to this. I like the star burst, but I would also like to see other stuff as well. Thank you.
  • Thank you for your logo submission. I really like both of your designs. I can't decide which one I like better, but you definitely understood my brief. I like what you did with Disposable bibs. It looks a lot better. Can you try incorporating the tag line "Catches the Mess". I would like to see what this looks like.
  • Try some shadowing on "Disposable Bibs" and "Catches the Mess". Blue or Black shadowing.
  • CH, Thank you for your very helpful feedback! You will see new entries which all include the changes you had mentioned! Some have the catch phrase, some do not. Will await additional feedback. Thanks! :) Dina
  • I'm open to ideas on where to place the tag line "Catches the Mess" so that the logo doesn't look too crowded.
  • my comments to this design is the same as #17.
  • I think the Bolo font looks good in this design. Maybe tone down the Bolo shadowing just a little. I would suggest a blue shadowing and white fill for the "disposable bibs". I'm still unsure about the tag line placement. If the tag line is too much for this logo, I might consider removing it unless you can find a better place for it.
  • CH, Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it greatly. I am working on a few different fonts as you requested...I submitted my newest entries. I also relocated "disposable bibs" and the catch phrase. On the right track? Thanks again! :) Dina
  • Sorry I meant to say, place the tag line to the right of the logo
  • Sorry, I need to make a correction to my last comment. I meant to say place the tag line to the right of the logo.
  • I like what you did here. The colors and background look good. Can you try a couple of versions with softer font. Similar to #12, #4 and #5. Also, "Disposable Bibs" needs to be less hidden, similar to the tag line. If the tag line makes the logo too crowded, try placing to the left of the logo. I'm open to suggestions.
  • I'm not a big fan of the background
  • I like what you did with the Tag Line, but can you try placing off to the left of the logo. Right now it looks a little crowded. Depending on how this looks, I need to decide if I want the tag line incorporated into the logo.
  • #31 is revision from #27 sir, change font "disposable bibs" and "catches the mess" if any change please feedback, thanks.... Regards Way
  • CH, I also just submitted #30. here I used the same font I worked with for "disposable bibs" and added the same blue outlining shadow. Thanks! Dina
  • CH, Thanks again for your feedback! i went ahead and submitted a new version #29. here you will see a different font used for "disposable bibs" and I also added a blue outlining shadow as requested. Will await additional feedback. :) Dina
  • disposable bib and catches the mess font is too digital looking. try some different fonts. I like the placement. I like the font in number 12