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Winning design #90 by rive, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by rive

Project description

Bumble bee bending jail bars? We are a bail bond company... Be creative, and professional. "Get stung? Call now we'll buzz you out!"

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  • I have submitted entries #7-#9. Feedback and comments are always appreciated. If you want me to change anything, let me know, and I can definitely do that! Thanks for your time. Bstengel
  • Hi CH, I have submitted entry #1 for your consideration, feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks, Peter.
  • Interesting, but not getting connection with the fingerprint.. looking for a character bee.
    • thank you very much for the feedback! i'll work on that :)

  • can you change the tag line to just "We'll buzz You Out"
  • We are favoring both your designs, can we see this with the bee from the other submission? Thanks
  • can we see it with the character on the left of the name?
  • color?
  • like the font - not a fan of the design of the Bee
  • Hi! I've just submitted #43. Please let me know your opinions. Thanks!
  • halloo... CH... Please check my entri #28 , Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests
  • can you put some cash in his hand?
    • ican't submit another entry, please elimante me one.thk

  • looks good can you reverse the bee so he is facing the name?
  • drop the "get stung" part. This is interesting can you make the bee more like image 49?
  • Entry #42 looks very similar to this logo -
  • Any feedback for my designs. Do you want only a character design or looking for something else? Thank you!
    • How do you want the character to be? More agresive?

    • yes we are looking for a character design

  • please put some life in the eyes
  • can you put some cash in his hand?
  • Hi storsmart, please see my entry #55 it is based on what you requested hope you like it. Just let me know if there are any revisions you would like to request. Thanks for the ratings.
  • Hi storsmart~ Thanks for the ratings on my entry #20. I revised the bee slightly to add more detail and make sharper while still keeping it clean, simple and stylized. See what you think: #53 I revised the font on #54. Kind regards, PaintedPony