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Winning design #288 by hshahriarkhan, Logo Design for Bone Broth By Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hshahriarkhan

Project description

To emanate modern, healthy lifestyle, organic, natural, comfort food, wellbeing, niche.  Bone Broth By Design is a protein powder line. Please submit only one option per design, do not submit multiple colors or font, so we can receive more applications. Follow our feedback guidance. Kindly withdraw your design if removed by us to allow room for other options as there is an applications number limit.

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  • New font 2 #306
  • New font #305
  • please check, i hope you will like it and please tell me for any modifications #286
  • Comparative versions white BG #285
  • Comparative versions Black #284
  • How about this? #269
  • bone structure.

    I try to make different designs with others, any improvements and suggestions are welcome,regards. #268
  • :) #266
  • hello, ch. @luizapetre
    I'm sorry, I want to ask you something. do you want a "G" logo letter? each make your letter "B" logo always eliminate the design. while you rate the logo with the letter "G" is very confusing.
  • About #227, @solarex247
    very close to winner, can you please make this without spaces between triangles one version and one version with upper side straight up to look like a "b" also without spaces and with space between triangles.
  • How about this?
    Please check and give me feedback to my design.
    Thank you :)

    Best regards,
    B3J0 #265
  • How about this? #264
  • Please Check and comment, Thank's #263
  • Please Check and give me feedback for this concept. Thank's #262
  • hello, ch @luizapetre
    please check this one

    Thanks, #261
  • Please feedback. thank you :) #259
  • How about this? #257
  • Please check my design,thank you. #234
  • Dear sir thanks for your rating. This is the versions which 100% free from 3d or mock up. Please check out and any changes just feedback me.Many thanks. #227
  • Hallo CH,
    How about this?
    Please check and give me feedback. thank you :) #223