First but definitely not the last time, it has been an absolute joy to experience what design contest has to offer. I loved it. The entries were amazing and the hardest thing was choosing the right logo!

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Winning design #62 by jctoledo, Logo Design for BoochiCo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jctoledo

Project description

I am a professional project management consultant starting up an events management business. I will manage corporate events, social events, weddings, all sorts of events that require organisational skills and experience. i like the idea of having some that can be slightly modified so that i can branch out like boochico books and its a book symbol next to it. I want it to be professional that I can approach the corporates but also not so serious so people having weddings or parties would consider me. I have already been given a simple design elsewhere but it was boring and not memorable. Colours im flexible with i was thinking blues.

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  • Hi CH, Please review my new entry #53 any feedback is appreciated!! Thanks!
  • dear ch, how about #52? please give me comment, thanks
  • #44 An infinity symbol of an octagon (having 8 sides) Thought it might just work...
  • sorry didnt like
  • sorry this one does not suit what I am going for. It did not appeal as much as the others but thank you for your efforts.
  • Im sorry I didnt really like this one as much as some of the others. I feel the text and colouring and strike not so great for my business
  • sorry this reminds me too much of IT and the stars are not relevant for me. thanks so much though appreciate it.
  • sorry this reminds me too much of IT and the stars are not relevant for me. thanks so much though appreciate it.
  • Also just to make it clear must be capital letter 'B' and a capital letter 'C' at all times. So you know Boochi comes from my surname 'Abbouchi' and Co comes from consulting/company. Thats how I came up with BoochiCo. I want people to recognise the logo everywhere.
  • must be a capital B and a capital C also. thanks anyway
  • Wow amazing work everyone and Im sorry not everyones design will be a winner but now I have found this place I will come back to post more things for designing i promise. I will also tell all my colleagues and friends about you. Please know your all good at what you do so please dont take ratings or comments harshly. Thanks again
  • Bailey, I see the 8 thats cool. I also like the style. I think maybe if the text below was different colour or perhaps the symbol was different colours...
  • @Hadeelsa - that makes sense I can see it now, so the other colour shape below the b is what please. thanks
  • @ dlbonanno64 - very simple, perhaps adding a logo before it and i would change the 'o' as they look like an 'e'
  • Thanks Maduque461 that makes perfect sense i do like that it has meaning!!
  • I posted #37. I added a different symbol that represents the number 8 and management. The two diamonds come together making a sort of stylized 8, but it also represents the client and the manager. The manager diamond has 3 circles, which represent tasks. (Like how you "juggle tasks") The circles are in a straight line, representing organized, managed tasks. I hope you like it a bit better. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • CH, Thanks for the rating and feedback on entry #4. Would appreciate direction on how you think it can be improved. Thanks, dlbonanno64
  • Designs #30 and #31 The symbol here is a combination of the letter B and the number 8 in an abstract design.
  • Dear CH, Would love feedback on my entry #28. I added a simple symbolic 8 to the logo. I didn't want to detract from the script wordmark of the name, but if you are looking for something more complex just let me know. Thank you. -B
  • Would be good if we can try something with an image, symbol, signs. My lucky number is 8. The business is fun and fresh.