My fist time but what a great experience! The only thing is that the response was pretty overwhelming! I was expecting between 40 and maybe 100 designs. It turned out to be over 530!! At the end I was able to pick one and I am really happy with it. The designer was extremely helpful and delivered just what I wanted. Real value for money! The website can use some improvements to make the rating of 530 designs a bit easier but overall experience was very positive.

€259 paid

591 custom designs

138pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #530 by GJR, Logo Design for BOOST. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

Bringing more energy in your life

BOOST. © is THE place for you to get your inspiration and concrete tools to bring more energy in your life

BOOST. © is the Concept Store for an Energetic Life
Online and offline

BOOST. evolves around 4 areas: Exercise, food, Sleep and passion. At the moment we are starting with a focus on Exercise and Food building an app / portal that will help members (BOOSTERS) with personal training and food advice.

Ultimately we want to offer an lively and uplifting online platform and offline clubs were we offer different products on all 4 areas.
No traditional gym (feeling) but integrating outdoors, challenging body and mind.

Targetgroup: Busy energetic people, men and women Age 28- 55 looking for more in life

I am looking for a clean, fresh simple yet inspiring design. Black / White/ grey with maybe colourful details or the option to add that later when we add the elements of Sleep and Passion (starting with exercise and food)

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  • THANK YOU ALL so much!! The response was quite overwhelming.....
    i will pick and announce the winner tomorrow (Sunday) !
    Kind regards
  • Please check out my designs and my comments. Thanks ^ ^ #577
  • Mock Up for the logo #545
  • primary #536
  • This one is secondary for dark backgrounds. You always need primary and secondary. #535
  • Like it! Could you maybe do a bit more with it so I can get a better idea how it can be used? And maybe do a bit more with the design making it a little bit more ' exciting' with a symbol? Not sure if that last will work though....
    thank you! #201
    • GJR


      Thank you for your feedback. I have added #291. I have introduced a lightning bolt symbol to the design, this provides more excitment, flexibility and a high recognition value. I have also displayed how this symbol can be used cleverly to reinforce the brand. The lightning bolt provides great branding potential as it can be used as an underline, overline or bullet point. It can also be used on its own or combined with the B to make a unique icon.

      Thanks Again!

    • @GJR I am not sure about the lightning symbol yet.. makes it a bit too ' rough' and not so sophisticated anymore. I love the B as a symbol and the idea of using it as an icon,. Any other ideas? Thank you!!

    • @GJR Could you please let me know if you are still interested in adjusting #291 ? Thank you!

    • @GJR Could you please let me know if you are still interested in adjusting #291 ? Thank you!

    • GJR

      @b_rijntjes Hi. Thanks for your feedback. Sorry I did not reply sooner, unfortunately I didn't receive notification of your previous reply. I understand your comment about the lighning bolt however I am not 100% sure where to go with this design at the moment. I don't think i can improve the design by trying to refine it because the lighting bolt will always add more complexity to the design. Maybe I can find a new direction. I will consider this further and hopefully post further designs... If you have any further suggestions then please let me know. Many Thanks!

    • @GJR Thank you, understand the dilemma. Just wanted to share my feedback but not sure myself either what would be best to do, Maybe go back to the line but do something with the B symbol that you added to the 291? And could you maybe also show me how it would look on a shop/ card etc so I can get a better image? Thank you very much!

    • GJR

      @b_rijntjes Ok Thanks, I will work on this for you tommorrow.

    • @GJR coming back one more time :) thank you very much. Could you please do one more adjustment.... bringing the B back to the B you used before? I think this B is a bit more in line with the Lightning symbol and now that one is gone it might be better to use a different B? (back of the line of B in one straight line?) It would be great if you could still do that and I think after that I am ready to choose. Thank you very much!!

    • GJR

      @b_rijntjes Hi, I have added #530 for you. Thanks!

      PS. sorry for the delay, i am still not getting notifications, I will check back as often as i can.

  • Thank you for having my design rated. If you need some changes or want to implement something further, please don't hesitate to ask. #470
  • Hi @b_rijntjes,
    Just uploaded the submission. Hope you like it. Let me know if you want some improvement on the design. Thank you. #518
  • ??????????DESIGN #498
  • ???? #496
  • @b_rijntjes :thanks for the suggestion , I 'll fix the work that I will make return
  • Hello, Here is my new proposal for your logo. A simple and bold logotype. The letter "B" has been re figured to make it distinct and it can stand on its own even it is used as an icon. Any feedback is always welcome and greatly appreciated. #470
  • Boots (Rev) #445
    • @Revandy08 the concept is not called Boots .....

  • Could you leave the lines away ? So only the square? Thank you! #363
  • About #417, I'm glad you like the swoosh because I can use it now as symbol (avatar, app icon...), like in #453.
  • Boots #444
  • my new idea. thanks. #442
  • Hi , I've reduced slightly the S and T at the end : #417 , #418 (with and without swoosh).
    Let me know if it's still too big.
  • LOGO #410
  • LOGO #409