BORABELA - construction company - blue-scheme

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Winning design #91 by Neverwinter, Logo Design for BORABELA - construction company - blue-scheme Contest
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designed by Neverwinter

Project description

Dear designers, we are in need of new company logo. We have decided to color our company corporate style in blue. So we need a logo matching mainly this criterium. We haven't defined the exact blue - that will be chosen from the winning logo. We are a construction company mainly producing light weight steel structures - house and building skelets. Since we mainly operate with steel - we choose the color blue as our company color. Also there can be a link to the grey color of the steel profiles. So maybe grey-blue combination in logo would match our products the best. We would like a logo that can be modified by adding a something I would call "division subtitle" to the logo. We will have a design division, innovation division etc. So we need a logo which is prepared to be used with subtitle like BORABELA "system", BORABELA "design", BORABELA "innovation" and other. Please provide in your designs always one example of how this would be done in your design. 1) logo company BORABELA; 2) modification for BORABELA SYSTEM, or BORABELA DESIGN etc. Our abstract idea is that the logo must be modern, 21. century plus, future, "sci-fi" since we work with very modern and progressive construction technologies and materials. The company name BORABELA must be included in the logo. So we think it will define the shape of the logo to a rectangle. I attach our current logo - which is how we DONT WANT the new logo look like. I also attach examples of what we produce, for you to better understand our business. Best regards Looking forward for your design submissions.

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  • This is not bad at all I think. I will discuss this logo with my partners tommorow what they think about this idea and get back to you. Its almost 2AM here. I must go get some sleep for tommorow work. Thank you VERY much for your time and effor so far and I look forward to shaping your desings to the best. Thank you it was a great workshop! :)
    • Of course! Thank you for working with me and I look forward to continuing! Thank you for all your feedback its been a pleasure working with you! Goodnight! :]

    • I submitted #25 with some different color options :]

    • Hello! Any feedback from your partners towards the designs?

  • Dear CH! I have submitting my first concept by #33. Please give your kind feedback, suggestions and reviews. Thanks
  • Hi uki, this logo would be too tall for our use. I also uses a font with very thin lines. Maybe more emphasis on the text and not that tall. thank you.
  • Hi Tanya, I would work with this concept more. The best would be for me to send you my idea as a picture. I'm new here, so maybe you will know better if there is a way to send you a picture somehow to show you the idea I have?? To describe it in words - put the BORABELA name into the BBs - middle in height, more to the left so that the second Bs right bordering vertical is shown. Turn the Bs into rectangular shapes. So that the right B now looks like mirrored C with sharp edges. and the first B is also a rectagle (but cutted by the BORABELA text). The steel profiles we work with are called C profiles. So the second B would exactly match our product. It would be like if you are looking into a cut from the top of two C profiles... If I could just send you a picture it would make things more easier.. also the subtitle could then be incorporated to the left bottom part under the second B..
    • Hello! I created #22 I hope this is what you were thinking. I believe the only way to post a picture to me would be to post it in the brief but this is something we could contact DC about!

  • Ok. Try also to turn those bars into C profiles somehow. maybe right and left under a angle and the middle one as is.. but so far this logo design looks too "easy".. dont feel good about it.
  • OK. Bars which I think were ment to represent houses - lets turn them into C profiles - maybe at an angle to it can be seen-guessed that it is a C profile. With this logo Im afraid thought with the subdivision name it becomes too tall for use. maybe the subdivision could be above the BORABALE in the lower part of the logo.
  • Hi Tanya, with this design I also have an idea how to modify it and sending a picuture would save my nerves. I try to describe it in words. OK. Try to Google out "steel C profiles" and look what it looks like what we produce as the basic component for our structures. You can than turn those three bars into two C profiles (the left one and the right one) and leave the middle one only as a connection between them. Just cut the top parts of the left and right bars in the same angle as the bottom and add small lines as if those two are C profiles.. I think it could work out well.
  • Hi Tanya, ok. Lets leave this concept aside. I have other favorites amongst your designs.
    • Okay agreed, I would love to continue forward and really focus on one or a few designs to perfect them

  • You are fast Tanya1729. Same as previous comments. I would like BORABELA better readable. Maybe black or dark blue. Could you play with the incorporation of the text into the logo? All your newly submitted designs look much better to me than the first posts! Thank you!
    • Thank you! The client is my priority. I will work on these edits thank you for your feedback it really helps to progress the designs. Thanks so much! Ill get back to you soon :]

  • This could be an interesting concept. Maybe two Bs? BoraBela.. it actually comes from two names so It can be two Bs. Maybe they can face each other with the round parts. I like this concept of light lines behind the B. Could be used behind other graphic elements as well, as the drawing lines of projects we make. Good idea! Thanks Tanya1729
  • Also this one now looks better. The same comment as for in my previous post. If you could try to incorporate the BORABELA more into the logo maybe. I havent' quite decided if I like the font also.. try to use another one.. bolder.. one.. could be more rounded.. the Bs woudl stand out better I think.
  • This is better. Could you please try to incorporate the BORABELA name more "into" the logo? Also maybe black for the BORABELA would make it better readable, and lighter gray would put better contrast to the dark blue...
  • Hi. I don't see anything catching in the emblem. The BORABELA is very badly readable. Use 2-3 colors max + black&white. No gradients. For the background use white so the logo stands out well and you can provide also an inverse version. Thank you for your contribution.
  • Hi uki1993. This is too simple. Not very modern. The house looks like family house. We produce mainly for big apartment buildings. Thank you for your contribution!
  • Hi uki1993. This design is too complex for a logo. 2-3 colors max + black&white, no shades of grey.
  • Dear CH, I don't know my question is right or not but I want to know about the priority of words in a name. e.g. BORABELA "system", BORABELA "design" and BORABELA "innovation". Means what you mainly want to focus in a logo. BORABELA or "system" thanks
  • Hi. This logo is too simple. I'm not sure about the triangular shape also. The company name should be a static element of the logo and shouldn't shrink because of the "division" subtitle. Thank you for your design! Best regards.
  • Hi Tanya, there is too many shades in the logo. I think we would be looking for simpler color scheme - 2-3 colors max + black&white. No shades. Also I'm not sure about circular shapes or full circles. Best regards.
    • Thank you for your feedback! I will create other concepts for your company, thanks again!

  • Hi Tanya, this would be the same comment as for the other design. there is too many shades in the logo. I think we would be looking for simpler color scheme - 2-3 colors max + black&white. No shades. Also I'm not sure about circular shapes or full circles. Best regards. Thank you for your designs! Every design helps very much to shape the idea of what we are looking for! Best regards.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my Design and would like to know your opinions on it #1