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Winning design #51 by relz2011, Logo Design for Borden Morris Garner Consulting Engineers Contest
Gold Medal

designed by relz2011

Project description

We are an engineering consulting firm. Visit to find out more about us. We need a new logo to include all three names and looks fresh. We design HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire protection systems. I would like the Century Gothic Font to be used.

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  • We do not want any names bigger or smaller than the others. This is a good start though.
  • Don't like the purple. Would like the names incorporated more.
  • This one is "okay". But doesn't give me the wow factor I am looking for.
  • Don't like the green. Also, don't mind if you change the logo from what we had. It doesn't have to have the square with lines.
  • Change the font to Century Gothic.
  • Use century gothic font.
    • hi CH thanks for feed back ,i have change my design with the century gotic please refer to #23 #24 thanks....

    • perhaps take the shadowee circle out and put the name of the company below the block. And make the three letters nside the block bigger. I like the dual colors! I would also like for you to try and do something a little different with the lines if you can, maybe a different design with straighter edges...

  • Change font to Century Gothic, then perhaps make one with the square smaller, just large enough to fit the text. Then make one with the three lines from the previous logo at the top. Then make one with rounded corners.
  • Use century gothic font.
  • Use century gothic font.
  • Hi.... CH please give me feedback for my entry #42.
    • This design is too "sci fi" for me and its hard to read

    • so sorry about my last entry, but now please see my revised design #49 and i hope to you for give me your feedback again. "Much obliged"

  • Check the revised design of entry #40 to entry #44 #43.thank you. Best regards
    • |--|

      relz2011 {*wrote*}:
      Check the revised design of entry #40 to entry #44 #43.thank you. Best regards
      |--| These look good. Perhaps bring the letters in the block a bit higher to separate them from the lines a little

  • Don't bold all the text. Just the text inside the block. Leave all the other text as is.
  • Hello there. Thank you for the comments. I did some revision of the design from entry #22, I made the letters in block, thicker and bolder in entry #41 #40. Any comments and suggestions is highly appreciated. Thank you. Regards all
  • put the consulting engineers on the bottom of the block like the others and make the letters and the names larger. This will be used on letter head and we would like the names to be ledigible
  • Can you make the letters in the block thicker? Bold perhaps?
  • do one of these with just the letters in the box and the names underneath...
  • As I have said in earlier comments, we do not want any name larger than the others!!
  • I would like it if everything was uppercase, thanks!
  • Hello CH! Ive submitted #55 and I need your feedback. Thank you!
  • Just check entry #53. I have raises the BMG at the higher in the block.thank you.