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Winning design #20 by Fabio Piscicelli, Logo Design for Borealis Sailing Expeditions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Fabio Piscicelli

Project description

We are a company that runs a charter yacht in the Pacific Northwest. We are in need of a new stylized logo and name marking for the yacht "Bel Canto". The Coast Guard requires that the name and hailing port be marked on the back of the boat, and the name on both sides on the front. The minimum letter size is 4". The back of the boat must read "Bel Canto [linebreak] Salida, Co" and the front on both sides must read " Bel Canto". it is ok if the side names are simply the back without the hailing port included. We would also be interested in somehow incorporating traditional motifs from northwestern art, such as an Orca or totem . The design will be painted onto the boat with a stencil or a vinyl cutout so should have 1 color (navy blue) with a possible second color for accent or detail. Ease of turning the design into a stencil or vinyl cut will factor in.

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  • Hi, #1 is my first draft proposal; I don't know what font style you have in mind, so I opted for a quick brush type which is elegant but legible. The graphic also features a leaping and singing orca, tying in with the meaning of "Bel Canto", Italian for "Good Singing" or "Good Song". I'm ready for your feedback and requests.
    • Hey Fabio, Can we try for less playful, and maybe imparts a feeling of strength. Move away from cartoon, and use a graphic done in the style of northwest art and the attachments. The layout on the graphic is very cool though

    • Roger that: #2 is a new graphic with an orca pictorial which reflects NW tribal art but in a simplified form for ease of application. The font type is decorative but defined, where the "B"'s top stem recalls the killer whale's top fin and the "C" recalls its jaws. The suggested color combination(s) can be adjusted to your taste.

    • The singing whale is just the right kind of style. The only thing there is if the lower jaw could be a little smaller or illustrated differently as my eye had trouble differentiating if there was another fin or the lower jaw. We like the way the letters, graphic and layout interact, but would like to move farther down the spectrum towards a font appears less hand drawn to bring it in line with the more traditional style of the orca illustration

    • Perfectly stated, I'm working on the revisions right now.

    • See how version #3 squares: I've modified the whale's jaw and assembled a new lettermark; it's solid and traditionally styled, slightly accented at its center for a defined graphic rendering. Let me know of any color combos you'd like to preview.

  • All three of these exactly. Can we also get the whale isolated?
    • Yes, and I've prepared such preview panel with all 4 elements, but DesignContest only allows 5 design entries to be submitted at this stage. I'm not sure how you can allow me to submit more, if by increased points on my existing entries or by specific request, but I could also share the new preview via web image hosting. I'll be on standby.

  • See if you can strike a balance here. A little bigger on Salida, and a little less modern and playful on Bel Canto, more dignified
    • Thanks again for your feedback, please see #23 trying to keep it a little more playful than the original more formal design 21

  • Can you do the Salida as smaller than the boat name, and switch the font on the name to something less formal
    • Hi, thanks for your feedback, in response please see design #22 if there's any other changes you'd like to see, please let me know.

  • Hi, here's my variant with a tribal eagle icon: #19, shown with the latest font type.
    • the eagle is great, but the whale is still our favorite. Can we have #17 with the addition of the name on its own on two lines, and also without the linebreak.

    • Yes sir; you can see the different lettermark layouts in #20. Let me know about further adjustments.

  • I have submitted a Northwestern-style turtle, #18 , for you to take a look at. I also used a font that I think represents the first of the samples you provided. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks! --I just realized I put CA instead of CO, so embarrassing.. but an easy fix if you could possibly disregard.
  • The whales theme is very cool, but I was curious to see if any other animals might be submitted. See the files attached to the brief for inspiration
  • Hello, I have submitted #14 and #15 - let me know if you would like to see any changes. Thanks!
    • too modern methinks. See the design brief files for the traditional style I am looking for. Or try searching for traditional northwest art

    • Thought I'd put a spin on it :) I'll do something more traditional for you

  • Fabio The whale graphic is very much to my liking in this one. Can we de-emphasize the C a little bit just to bring it in line with the B. Or figure out a way to go back to the over under configuration from the previous design with a font that sits between these two?
    • Sure thing; #12 is a revised version of #3 with leveled "B" and "C", while #13 is a new version with another font solution in a vertical layout. Let me know what you think.

    • This is getting very dialed in. Just to see try #13 without italicizing, and no upward slant on the word, but with the same layout.

    • Here's an adapted version with the requested adjustments: #17

  • Hi, I like that there is simplicity here, but perhaps it has a gone a bit too far. The salmon graphic is nice, but would prefer if he were arcing in a position that was horizontal. I don't like how the font narrows at certain parts of the letter
    • Here is my new entry #11 . Can you please give me some feedback. Thank you!

  • Same thing as #4. In this case it would be easy to make the blue the white background, and eliminate the yellow. Also move away from having the shark grin on the whales. I still like the whale graphic, but will need work. As far as the writing we are looking for something more stylized, and part of the actual design.
    • Hello CH' I've submitted a new designs but it made the changes before i read your comments above. Thank you for the feedback.

  • I like the use of the name within the animal graphic, however this design will need to be applied to a boat via die cut vinyl or stencil, so needs to be simpler. Two colors and white negative space will work since the boat itself is white.
  • Hello CH! I've submitted #6 and I need your feedback t make it better! Kind regards, Benjamin
  • You have used art not created or owned by you
  • Wow! I wish we had seen these earlier and had time to refine them as the caricature is very, very cool.
  • hi jwpincus! the #27 #28 are my proposals, check it out! i won´t saw the contest, i'm here a little later, i hope you like them!
  • hey,any verdict on these - #24 #25 #26 ? :)