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Winning design #188 by JMPW, Logo Design for Botanically Hip needs a logo! Contest
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designed by JMPW

Project description

I would like the look to be rustic yet refined. It would be great for the logo to have modern and vintage elements combined since the store will contain both antique and modern items. I’m considering making the sign for the shop partly out of moss (maybe). I’ve toyed with the idea of having the logo read: Botanically Hip as the main line and the word Curiosities as the second part. Feel free to submit both ways or one way if it seems to work better for you. I love the font Edwadian Script ITC on a mac. It looks really nice but just an idea. You are the expert!

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  • Would you be opposed to having birds as a main element in the design?
  • A little more modern choice for you with the rough vintage sketched greenhouse, with the modern color for the fonts with green and gray that gives it that subtle beauty. Thank you, Dawn
  • to ch sorry about the misspelling on #67 i corrected it on #68. hope you like the sketch drawing vintage look.
  • Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Your comments and suggestions will help us to serve you better.
  • To ch about #53. i have submitted my design with the font you approve of. i have made the design simple, but still attractive. the red pot and the letter B can also stand alone as an icon. hope you like it.
  • I really like the way this looks but I was thinking, do you think you could find a really old vintage pencil sketch of a greenhouse, tree, bee or something to switch out the non-text image in the logo? Really vintage, rough sketch type?
  • "52 - more simple clear and elegant thanks correpe
  • Interesting but not the palm tree?
  • Hi, I think there may be too many things going on in this one. Lots of fonts and colors. I think I'm looking for something more simple.
  • Hi, looks great but not really what I'm looking for. Seems a bit too modern without any rustic elements.
  • HI CH #47 mixed the modern with the vintage as brief and I think works well
  • Hello there, here's my design for your logo. I tried to combine the modern design with a curly typeface. And the little bird makes it all a bit more 'natural'. Also the colourscheme is natural. I'd love to see what you think of it. Kind Belgian regards. Kris
  • Hi Again CH, I hope you will like this design also, The 2 leaves that forms a circle and meeting at the center forming two hand like figures that is shaking hands. This Design symbolizes continuity of a good business relationship with your company and your customers.
  • - you cannot use a background.
  • Thanks for your feedback on #71 . I'll need a couple days to run through the holiday madness and I'll get something back to you then, I've got something perfect in mind. Happy Holidays!
  • This is really beautiful. A strong contender!
  • This is really beautiful. I like it very much. I was thinking it would be really interesting to have a hand sketched flower, bee or something in lieu of the flower. Just an idea. See link to cool pic of a bee:
  • no mockups or backgrounds allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • VDK
    About #100 CH, If you wants to see more color combinations say it. I don't show it for not repeat the same design again. Thanks, DVK.
  • Hi jbray, In response to your remarks about my last submission, #71, I have submitted #200. I replaced the chrysanthemum with a variety of hand drawn flowers and bees and tried to give it an overall vintage floral pattern feel with modern elements.