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Winning design #21 by Fabio Piscicelli, Logo Design for Boulder Indoor Sports Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Fabio Piscicelli

Project description

I need a new logo for a Indoor Sport Facility that will provide rental space and leagues for: Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball, Dodgeball and pretty much any sport that can be played on a turf indoor field with a ball. I would like the logo to look somewhat similar to one of my current businesses logos. (file uploaded)

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  • can you add other sports to the logo. As noted in the description this is a multi sport facility. Not just soccer. Please change color schemes to Red & Black or Orange & Black
    • Sure thing; my first design was just a draft inspired by your reference logo. #5 and #6 are newly adapted versions according to your instructions, let me know what to keep and what to change.

  • way too old school looking. This needs to b more modern and has to have multiple sports in it.
  • Hello there, entries #2 and #3 are my draft proposal previews, shown in sample colors. I'm ready for your feedback and request for changes and variations.
  • Fabio, This is looking good. Please keep this design but could you add a baseball bat and lacrosse stick?
    • Yes sir, #7 is an adapted version with all the new elements you requested. Let me know if you're happy with it or would like some more tweaks.

  • Fabio, can you add a football to this logo?
    • Yes sir, #7 is an adapted version with all the new elements you requested. Let me know if you're happy with it or would like some more tweaks.

  • Fabio, This one is very close. Can I see one without the shading on the Football and without the dodge ball. Just the main sports I think will look less crowded. thanks
  • Fabio, any of the previous requested changes available?
    • Hi Patrick. Yes, I had prepared a revised version but couldn't submit it because the contest was closed, so I contacted Support to reach you on my behalf. The problem now is that I've reached the maximum limit of 5 entries, as per DesignContest's rules, so unless you rate one of my designs with a score higher than 30 points (I think, I'm not sure), I can't submit the BIS-6 version. You can also ask Support for specific ways to allow an entry you requested.

  • Fabio, I spoke with support and have rated your 2 submissions. They said you will now have 2 more uploads. thanks
    • Great, I'm glad we could work around that; here's the latest update: #20. Let me know about any more changes or adjustments, I'm online and ready.

  • Fabio, can you add a black stroke to outside of the football or just where the white perpendicular line is? I think that will make all the balls look uniform.
    • Yes, and that's why I had kept that shading to harmonize it with the contour of the other balls; I've now adjusted the stroke for a less stylized football: #21. Let me know if that's good.

    • looks great. Can you provide me with all vector formats (ai, eps, psd) and gif, jpeg... thanks for you work!