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Project description

Hi ! I am starting a filmmaking business. I will mainly do travel & parkour video but I also want to do filming & photography for other business around the world and create content for them. My artist portfolio name is Boüm Atlaz. There's no need to have a slogan or tagline. Atlaz (customized from Atlas) is the greek titan who hold the earth on his shoulders, so may be you can use it indirectly to create the logo and fuel your creativity. I target anyone who has a business and want to get creative content around the world.
All I don't want is a young and colorful logo... I want it mature, classy, creative and original !I like uncolored logo but If you think a bit of color could be nice, you can play with green or gold. 

Thank you.

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  • sign mock-up for visualization purposes. #105
  • Thanks guys, I have a lot of pretty choices ! can I see what can be done with Chinese ink style ?
  • All custom, can add colors, let me know what you like, tasty beverage, stamped paper, and flour bag mock-ups are for visualization purposes only. #98
  • Hi, Please check design me ... hope you like it ,and if you need changes anything please let me know. Thank's #88
  • My proposal design 02 #85
  • My proposal design 01 #84
  • please check it and feedback #80
  • please check it and feedback #79
  • please check it and feedback #78
  • please check it and feedback #77
  • Please check my design,thank you.

    Regards #67
  • In this idea I made better headlines in the drawing of the atlaz #65
  • Please give feedback. Anything you want changed, I can change. I did a green and gold version but this one turned out better in my opinion. Thank you. #47
  • Let me know if you need any changes in the design. #35
  • See the Atlaz sealing the lens with wings in place of the globe. #31
  • I also really like a grungy style, or Chinese ink style
  • Simulation on the wall #23
    • @Maximodesigner Very nice ! Go take a look at the brief I just added. I realize I don't like the earth image on the logo, If you remplace the earth by a very subtile lens in a similar way like the image I just shared.

  • I realize I don't like the earth image on the logo, so the picture I've shared of a lens with wings could remplace it if you wanted to use an earth image.
  • Gold color #25
  • My idea is:
    Create the symbol that represents the brand name.
    In the symbol it contains the traces of the letter B of Boum and the Drawing of the Atlaz #22