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Winning design #144 by lizonil, Logo Design for Bounce Box Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

This is for an indoor trampoline park. mostly for kids and some adults.

the Logo must say Bounce Box as it will be used as a shop sign
Colors interested neon like colors example purple or orange or green.
the name bounce box represent is kids or adults jumping inside a box. 

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  • About #152, @busaidi84 - on the photo I have showed one of the possible usages of the one color version of the logo (black and white) which is part of the logo source files pack
  • can you the same font for arabic

    باونس بوكس #182
    • @busaidi84 Here it is #184 and #185

    • @busaidi84 thats good but try to make it separate use باونس first line بوكس second line باونس= bounce بوكس= box i know this is confusing, please let me know if you can do it.

  • About #143, @lizonil can you remove the black border the word bounce looks to drak the letters is not clear
  • fix the triangle inside "O" on "bounce", do you know this is a people jumping from "O" of "bounce" then on "O" of "BOX" ? #178
  • with outline, suitable for cutting sticker :) #177
  • please review, i think you'll like.. please let me know if you want some refinements, thanks #176
  • Hi can you add somthing like person jumping #143
    • About #143, @busaidi84 hi, im trying to add person jumping #175

  • Thanks for everyone's designs, it is a very hard decision to make, you guys posted a lot of creative stuff beyond my expectation.
    This is going to be a close call.
  • jww
    New colorway, Thanks JWW #173
  • Can you add
    باونس بوكس #169
  • can you please try to add arabic باونس بوكس #144
  • Can you switch that boy to the left side want to see which one is better please #134
  • the square font is nicer
    Because it goes with box
  • Try to add 2 people jumping maybe more playful both sides one left one right #150
    • @busaidi84 here it is #159, #160

    • @busaidi84 these here show the multiple trampolines #161, #162, #163

  • Can you make the colors littel bit dark #136
    • About #136, @busaidi84 will do in a bit

  • Last one... I promise... unless you want to try something else. Liz : ) #144
  • Hi there, I tried a few more colour combinations for you before the contest finishes. Obviously you will receive a 'set' of logos that work on different coloured backgrounds, including grayscale versions. #142
  • Can you change the font and add littel black #95
    • @busaidi84 Do you like these #127, #128, #130, #131, #132, #133, #134, #135, #136, #138 ? - I tried some different fonts and colors

  • Can you please try red and more purple #95
  • About #73, @H&JDesigns
    sure ch, I will post new entries soon