Bountiful Birth

The process was relatively seamless in terms of being put in contact with designers and receiving a wide variety of designs. I did have some trouble working with the website - possibly browser related (chrome).

$275 paid

32 custom designs

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Winning design #29 by EcoDesigns, Logo Design for Bountiful Birth Contest
Gold Medal

designed by EcoDesigns

Project description

Start-up Doula business in LA.  

Doula is defined as "a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born."

My goal is to empower and support women through their pregnancy and childbirth, helping them achieve the birth they dream about through education, advocacy and constant, unwavering support

My target audience is women who are committed to the idea of natural birth, are curious about the benefits or just simply need a strong companion through the process.

The design should reflect warmth, comfort and strength - the very things a doula provides mothers as they go through the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth.  

Other than that - go for it.  I'm hoping to find inspiration in your designs.  


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  • About #23, @EcoDesigns Beautiful! I'm going to get some feedback, but I don't think I'd change a thing here. Thanks so much! And yes the tree is a great choice for all the reasons you mentioned as well as how it relates to "bountiful", bearing fruit, etc. Thanks again!
    • @morriganla Thank you. Please be aware that I am here for any changes, in case you need any. I am loving working on your contest, such a beautiful way to be close to nature.

  • About #19, @EcoDesigns
    Hi! This is a really lovely graphic. Can i see the Font in all purple and something along the same visual focus but a little easier to read? The "R" in birth and "H" in birth are hard to read. but I really like the whimsical feel to the font...I wonder if there is a "whimsical yet slightly elegant" font which is similar?
    This is a really great design, thanks for taking the time to work on it!
    • @morriganla Thank you for your feedback. I am glad you like the concept. I used a tree for many reasons, I just feel it embodies all the qualities you want to convey. Abundance of shade (protection), roots spreading to all sides (making mom comfortable in every which way) and many more interpretations. I can definitely show you a few options for some elegant fonts while maintaining the whimsical feel. Feel free to ask for any other changes.

  • About #21, @shravya This one is great too! This is going to be a really tough decision. Thanks so much for working on this!!
  • About #20, @shravya
    This one is really lovely!! Thank you!
  • @morriganla, Hi CH, I have created #19 for your consideration. I have tried to highlight the abundance of warmth, protection, compassion, care and love that a mother will get, through this design. It can be reduced or enlarged to any size and still be clear and readable. It can also be changed to any color combination or stay in a single color. I would love to hear your feedback.

  • About #2, @chagokazi
    Thanks for your work on this but I can't find one thing here that is even closely related to the work I do as a doula: I work with pregnant women, I help them with childbirth. This logo has an image of a board room in an office. i work in people's homes, I comfort them and support them emotionally. Also a logo with a dark background is just not a good idea: this will go on letterhead, on business cards, on my website. It must translate well onto white paper. The text is off kilter which makes it look sloppy. If you are going to work further on this I'd start from scratch and see if you have any new ideas based on the aim of the work I do to make women feel safe and supported during pregnancy and childbirth. Thank you!
    • About #2, @morriganla hi what about new one

    • @chagokazi wow!! strikingly different and much more on point! Thanks! I'd like to take some more time with it so give me 30 minutes or so to respond. Thank you!

    • @morriganla ok

    • About #8, @morriganla ok

    • About #8, @morriganla can you ples blind this contest

  • About #10, @shravya
    This is great, can i see the circle put back in - like #3, 4 and 6 have?
  • About #8, @chagokazi
    Hi, a few things: I like the earth tones and the gradient but the gradient did not translate well when I printed it out in black and white (the image ended up looking like my printer was running out of ink) I wonder if this can be fixed. Also, what would it look like if the image replaced the B in Bountiful (and get rid of the "arm" in the image). Try making "Birth" bigger and sans serif. Last, the font you're using for Bountiful is the same as another entry on this contest - do you have some other fonts to show me? I like the elegant look for that word, just trying to see if there are others that might work. Thanks very much!
  • About #6, @shravya
    Hi! let's work from this one, I like the color and the presence of the circle. Can you take the silhouette back to one tone and simplify the hair in the back, maybe have it flow down and blend into the circle (also eliminating the elbow like you did in #7) I'd also like to see a version where the image is a little more transparent but that might not be the right direction - if the small details in the hair are eliminated that might be enough to clean up and simplify the image so that the words stand out) Thanks very much!
  • About #6, @shravya
    Ok I like this better for sure but I'd still like to see something that is only suggestive of a female figure - more abstract, no detail on the face, a mere suggestion of long sweeping hair (perhaps the abstract hair can sweep around the curve of the circle or be incorporated into the circle.) Does this make sense? Thanks!
  • About #5, @zorba.zakar
    Hi Zorba, thanks for working on this design. I like the simplicity. The image might be a little too abstract. I do prefer abstract but in this design i keep trying to figure out what the image is: is there a pregnant lady in there somewhere? A Baby? Not sure. Oddly enough i see suggestions of a toilet and a coffee cup and a trash can! Revisions should focus on honing that image. Also, i'm not a fan of pink, I'm wondering how a deep blue might look? Thanks!
  • Thank you for your feedback !
    i ll get back to you soon :)

  • Dear CH,

    Please find the attached conceptual logo for your business !
    waiting for your feedback.

    Thanks #3
    • @shravya
      Hi! Thanks for your design, I really like the draft. I'd like to see a version with the figure of the woman being more abstract - the portion of her that is above the circle. The round belly is right on target and I like how it is incorporated in the "B" for Bountiful. I also like the circle which ties everything in visually. Also (and I'm not sure about this but I'd at least like to see if it works) I wonder if "BIRTH" should be a little bit bigger. It seems like it may get lost in the visual and I'd like to see if making it bigger improves the design or not. I like the color you chose.
      Thanks for your work!