BOX (КОРОБОЧКА in Cyrilics)

I liked the idea of the site and the service overall. I really liked the customer service, the hot line chat. However, with the designs I got it was really difficult to choose. Despite I like the final design I chose I would expect more touch choice. Basically from the 39 entries I had I chose between 2 only. Some logos were really crappy like from kids from kindergarden.

$275 paid

39 custom designs

17pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #23 by TheLadyMiha, Logo Design for BOX (КОРОБОЧКА in Cyrilics) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by TheLadyMiha

Project description

ENG: Original and nice gifts. The specifics is that the gift is the collection of things linked by one theme and joined by one color scheme (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) in a BOX. E.g. male gift, gift for those who love to cook. Attached file in ENGLISH includes more useful information. RUS: Оригинальные и милые подарки, особенность которых заключается в том, что подарок - это набор специально подобранных по цвету (красный, оранжевый, желтый, зеленый, синий, фиолетовый) и теме вещичек в КОРОБКЕ. Например, мужской подарок, для любительницы готовить и т.д. В приложении - файл, в котором Вы сможете найти больше дополнительной полезной информации.

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  • Dear Varvara, please take a look at my submission #2 and #3. I want to know whether this suits your needs a little bit more. Thank you
  • Dear Varvara, please take a look at my design #1 and give any feedback on the design. Thank you :)
    • Deniz, thanks for submitting - I really appreciate. However, this is not what I am looking for. While your logo is a lot technical, techno style, I am looking more for the doodling style. Please, read the brief document on couple of pages I have attached to the briefing - it should help. You can also visit the Instagram @darikorobochku to get the feeling on what the product is about. Hope it helps.

    • Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I will try to deliver something different

  • Hello! I submitted #5. It is like a handmade and I hope you like it. Any feedback will be helpful for me.
    • Hello. I like it better, thanks. I appreciate you noticed my willingness to have it in doodling style. Some comments 1) the spiral looks a bit like a smell :) 2) it does not look good as a square format 3) it still has the computerized style and colors are depressing 4) despite of the doodling style it still should look neat and accurate. I appreciate you efforts, but I would try something different. Sorry, I am not a designer, can not explain it good, I just share with you how I feel about it.

  • #17 This is a new design, more similar to the style you prefer. Hope this is better. I can change the color if you ant. I appreciate every suggestion.
    • #18 and #19 are variations. Playing with the colors... Regards, Erika

    • Hello! Thanks for taking the feedback. I like the light and dark blue better. However probably you should eliminate so much small details - can you pls try it? Plus, I still do not like the font. Can you try another one pls? Less rounded. Again, pls see the link I shared before for inspiration. Thanks!

  • Hello. I like this design so far better than others. Could you, please, work on it further& 1) I do not like the "heart" on the box - looks as a stranger in the logo 2) pls, try another color - red is too agressive 3) the name should be written in doodling but differently - not italic, no sans serif fonts pls (this is what I like - you could be inspired by this). Thanks!
    • Thank you for the feedback, I'm making the changes right now. Erika

  • I am open for looking in the box-it can be a flower, or something luxury and interesting. What you think, is the #15 my idea a good start for Your product. I am open for other ideas.
    • Hello. Thanks for submitting. the product should not give the feeling of luxury. The assosiations should be cozy, homy, done with care, handmade, crafty. + I plan to extend the line for the colors and I have already planned the colors for the boxes (you can have a look in Instagram @darikorobochku). Thus, I do not want to stick to the color scheme - it should be flexible. Thanks for submitting but I am looking for smth.different.

  • if you are looking for a multi-pack for your products
  • Hi Varvara, I am maked every boxes separate in a colors red, green, blue, orange, purple, and yellow, and get a 3D effects in boxes, which You can use for Your products. I think that the good idea is only one box in two colors for women-pink, purple; for men-light blue, dark blue or light green, dark green for differents packages... Here is one example of abstract wignette in the box which I am created, hope You like that, I am open for abstract look. #15 Thanks, krisdesign
  • Thank you! I think now the level of "mess" is totally OK. I am still thinking about the font - what is right for this type of picture. Let me sleep it over and I'll let you know. Other question - did you have web-site designs in your portfolio?
    • I'm sorry I'm only in logo making :) I will work on the font too.

    • Re font... I think I understand what is my concern. In the version #18 which I liked the font is good because it kind of reflect the picture, i.e. the fond and border around each letter. But there I do not like the letters themselves - the lines of the letters are too messy which contradicts with the picture that is straight despite done in doodling style. At the #30 the font is straight (and the lines inside the letters corresponds to the lines on the box picture) but as there is no this border around the letters - it is not as good linked to the picture as in #18. You understand what I mean? Sorry if I sound confusing.

  • #30 I cleaned up the mess a little bit :) and I improvised the letters that are not supported by the font you mentioned. I made this with Latin letters but I draw the "б" ан тхе "ч" so you can see how it would look like with that font. In meantime, I will look for some Cyrillic that is similar. Regards,Erika
  • Hello! I still like this one better. Can you correct the spot on the right top corner (in the other variants it looks like star but here it is a drop). Maybe just A LITTLE BIT less spots around not to make it TOO overload, but still leave these details - they gibe the doodling look. I am also wondering how it will look like with the other font. What I mean is smth like this one Probably I will not like it, but I wouls like to see. Thank you!
    • I am making this changes, right now I tried the font but it not supports Cyrillic letters. I'm trying to find something that is cyrillic similar to this one.

    • Sure. Thanks!