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designed by Mohammad_Ali

Project description

New Info:  I am adding to my brief as my crew would like more ideas posted.  Feel free to read the below, what we originally wanted BUT please post ANYTHING that you feel would give our company - classy but fun, creative, and a "wow" factor when a van drives by which also portrays us in a professional light.  All we want to stick with is a royal blue in the logo but we are open to other colors too.

Original Info:  I am looking for a logo for my plumbing company.  We do new construction, remodels, service, fire sprinklers, water treatment - so we don't want to promote just service work.

Although I am open to ANYTHING, I have a few ideas.  Our main color has been royal blue and silver.  I'd like to incorporate the royal blue for sure.

On a playful side, I was thinking of 1 character in 3 different scenerios.  I have attached 3 different things I found online to give you and idea of what I was envisioning.

I have been inspired by a cartoonish figure with big eyes and a smile (not a cheesy one though).  I am looking for a line drawing but one that I would be able to fill in with color if wanted.  My quick thoughts are a scuba diver, either full body or waist up, holding a plunger or pipe wrench AND/OR same character in football gear, again holding plunger or pipe wrench AND/OR lastly, same character doing a "cannon ball" holding a plunger or pipe wrench with head turned as to see face with smile but his butt-crack showing, thus "plumbers crack".

I am thinking of a tag line similar to "Boyd's Plumbing - ready to tackle ALL your plumbing needs" or "Boyd's Plumbing - ready to diving into ALL your plumbing needs" or "Boyd's Plumbing - ready to jump into ALL your plumbing needs".

Also, we have a letter design we need to put somewhere on the character such as chest or hat or shorts to pay homage to the founder of our company.  It may also make the character look like a super hero.

Again, I am open to anything so send me what you have :)

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  • hello sir colors can be adjusted according to your requirements... your feedback is i mportant #86
  • Thanks for feedback. I have made pipe wrench blue. #40
  • Can you do this one with a pipe wrench also
  • hey there submitted 2 logos without the mascot based on your suggestions.
  • I think you are really looking for an illustration here, rather than a logo. You may get better results putting the contest in that category. It's the reason you've had so few entries. Illustration is a different skill to logo design. Designers who are good at one are not - generally - good at the other. So you may need to do a seperate contest for the actual logo.
  • About #4, @jonAM - Hi there. Can you take this same design and make the "O" octagon to match the wrench? Also put the word Plumbing under Boyd's so I can see what it looks like. Thanks!
  • Is there a specific letter design that you already have that needs to be incorporated to pay homage or do you want a design created with the founder's initials?
    • @ColeFenters I think I responded to your question incorrectly or was thinking you were someone that had already submitted a design (I'm new at this). Don't worry about the homage we wanted to included. We are open to any and everything.

  • DeusArts-

    Thank you for the submittal. I like it and yes the blue is right. Once the contest is done I will put this out for vote within the company to select one. Maybe you could try a similar one but a little more of a cartoonish figure with a little personality. We are kind of a "fun" type of crew. Either way, it's still nice :)
    • @Boydsinc Thank you i'll get to it!

    • @DeusArts Hey , i just resubmitted the design it's more cartoonish, i also submitted two because i wasn't sure of how you like the text, let me know. Thanks :)

  • With this design we won't need to use it. Thanks for Asking though. Do you think the "B" should be a little larger than the "oyds" since it is pulled away from the rest of the word due to the wrench? If so, it could overlap the wrench if need. I do like the word "Plumbing" being larger the the name "Boyd's".
  • Hi there. Can you take this same design and make the "O" octagon to match the wrench? Also put the word Plumbing under Boyd's so I can see what it looks like. Thanks!
  • hey there, i submitted my design based on your brief.
    I hope you like it, is there any changes i can make to it?
    I also hope the royal blue is the right shade.