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The entire contest went super smoothly. Customer support was quick, efficient, and very accommodating. I could have sat there and gone back-and-forth with just one private designer, but the contest format really brought out many unique options to choose from.

$275 paid

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Winning design #164 by hollander, Logo Design for Brad Fouch Did·That Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

Guitarist and music producer looking for a sleek and professional logo that will make a statement in a modern urban hip-hop fashion.

The actual name Brad Foutch would go on top. The 'B' and 'F' need to stand out from the other letters besides just being capitalized. The Did·That portion would go underneath that.

I dislike WordArt, cartoony-esqe designs, and overused text fonts.

Would possibly be interested in universe cosmic-type colors or simplistic black & white. I am open to individual artistic interpretations. 

Included are 2 examples of how each corresponding section of the logo could look. Doesn't have to look exactly like them; they're just a starting point.

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  • If it's not too much to ask on your end with the time that's left, could you also make one of these with the pick in the background being black? Thank you so much, these are great. #164
    • @bradfoutchmusic Sorry for the late reply (time difference) Now the contest is over and I can’t add work. But after choosing a winner, there is a final stage, during which the necessary changes can be made.

  • Minor variations have been made to my previous entry to make the overall logo look even better. Feedback CH @bradfoutchmusic #162
    • Waiting for your valuable feedback CH @bradfoutchmusic

  • Hope you like #195
  • hope you like sir #192
  • One last idea: could can we see what it would look like with a shape shape behind it? Maybe a triangle that covers but is behind the actual design? It would have to contrast well with what's already going on #183
  • Could you make the "Did·That" part stand out a little more somehow? Maybe put a cool highlight around it or something. #184
  • Could you make the font a little darker? Not too much. Similar to your entry in #178

    Also, could you increase the overall size of the graphic so it takes up a bit more space? #176
  • Similar comments to your entry on 166, different font and color. #167
  • Font style could be more oriented towards the provided example. Also color would be nice. #166
  • Not a fan of the guitar design coming from the 'D'. Looks slightly too corny for the seriousness I'm going for. #158
  • About #117, @hollander Almost there. Can you do one without the initial "BF" and the "Brad Foutch Did·That" more in the center? If it's simple enough I'd like to see one with those edits in the same color blue and one in the purple you used before. Thank you!!
    • @bradfoutchmusic sure, no problem, check #164

  • If you can do those edits as requested yours is a very close pick. There is a 'T' in 'Foutch', take the flames off the headstock, and make the devil tail into a microphone if possible. Thank you!! #91
  • Not quite what I'm going for. Font is a little too erratic and hard to read. #128
  • I like your original take on the B into the F, but it's hard to make out for an average viewer. Needs more color as well. #152
  • Here is another new logo design CH. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated CH @bradfoutchmusic #131
    • I kindly request you to view this in the full-size mode to notice the details well. @bradfoutchmusic

  • Hi @bradfoutchmusic , hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #158
  • I hope you are pleased & like it #153
  • Hello I have read your comments and re submitted a more cohesive version and trying a dark blue I am happy to make changes thanks #147
  • Here is a more legible logo. Waiting for your valuable feedback on this one CH @bradfoutchmusic #124
  • Thank you for your response.
    Is it like this?
    If you like my design and need changes, please contact me again.

    Regards. #123