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Winning design #251 by faysalfarhan, Logo Design for BRADLEY  -  a luxury furnishings brand Contest
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designed by faysalfarhan

Project description

Small but established luxury furnishings brand "BRADLEY HUGHES" is being rebranded to just "BRADLEY" Existing logo has always just been a word mark; Looking to add a graphic mark logo that will create a recognizable icon to attribute to the brand and possibly used as a logo on fashion products and accessories (think Louis Vuitton hand bag graphics). Key adjectives for describing the new direction of the brand: stylish, clean, sophisticated, luxury, trend setting, edgy, rock & roll, glamour, architectural, strong (a tad more masculine than feminine) thank you! logo needs to work in print/web in black/grayscale, but may also be used with metallic tones like gold/brass for signage or product labeling

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  • Dear ch, Please review entry #52. and all the contestants are expecting your valuable feedback so we can serve you better.
  • Hi, I created a clean logo with custom typography #44. I focussed on a stylish, masculine and architectural feel. Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.
  • Hi! #21 uses an iconic, simple, masculine B accompanied by strong lettering for the company name. Please let me know if you'd like to see anything different. Thanks!!
  • Hello CH I entered with #19. Plain simple masculine looking font. Stylish handwritten luxury "B" in a shape inspired by one of your table's sideview. The shape also looks like a reticle/crosshair so that everybody's eyes are on your company... That's the story behind it. Thank You
  • Hi Any suggestions for my designs #82, #89 and #97? Thanks
  • this symbol is our proprietary fabric pattern that we sell. might look good as a logo graphic too.
  • would like to see more iterations of careful to not look like Chanel too much.
  • 1. try thinning out the graphic lineweight 2. try a version with middle horizontal bar filled/connected 3. try a stacked version with BRADLEY below - scaled smaller
  • Hi, thanks for your feedback so far, can you please give me some suggestion about entry #126 so i can improve my design? Thanks! Faysal Farhan
  • not really the right direction anymore. too much like a greek letter signma. too sharp.
  • can i see this reversed? (black art on white background)
  • a positive attribute to this direction is the similarity to a greek key. incorporating a familiar architectural element may be a good direction.
  • Dear keith1 thanks for your feedback i remove the short tail on bottom of Bs, like you request See my entrie #114. Any changes you like to see please request. Await your feedback. Best regads. Moimeme
  • there are many existing logos out there for other companies with a mirrored "B" form. we like the idea of the mirrored B in general but are looking for a unique/sophisticated version of it. #82 is in contention. thanks to everyone for your submissions - keep up the good work!
  • the traditional chair icon is not representative our style of furniture thanks
  • clever use of the sofa icon, but not what we are looking for. thanks
  • Dear CH, and my final attempt... WAiting for elimination :)
  • HI CH, please share some feedback about my entry #170.
  • I have submitted #166 and #168, I am looking forward to your comment
  • Hi CH, I just submitted #156...... Thank you for you consideration, DM