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Winning design #68 by quelita, Logo Design for Brad's Vintage Guitars Contest
Gold Medal

designed by quelita

Project description

We want a simple, but classic logo or our vintage guitar shop. We love dark brown, green and orange colors...much like many vintage guitars that we sell. Vintage guitars look eclectic, but still have that vintage and classy appeal. We would love our logo to look like that. 

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  • Hi. Can you please make the "Vintage Guitars" print a piffle bigger? Thanks! #74
    • About #74, @brad_gautney
      Please, see #82

  • Hello Brad!
    Here comes my idea..., hope You like it. #79
  • Also, please make "brad's" just a tad bigger. #56
    • @brad_gautney I'm glad you're liking this one #68. If you would like to see any other changes please let me know. Since there are still a few days left on the contest you'll start to see a lot of very similar designs to the top rated concepts - but please be sure to let me know what changes you'd like to see. I'm happy make any modifications. Thanks!

  • Hi. Can you please make the Vintage Guitar text a little bigger and change from ESTD to EST? Thanks! #72
  • Hi. Can you make the Orange print/text not so neon? Maybe a more brown/orange? And, Then also try a different one making the print green with a gray background? Thanks!! #30
  • Hey. Can you try changing the text green with a light gray background? #50
  • I like this one. Except it is EST #74
  • Ok no problem! Let me know I addressed the changes that you wanted or if you would like to see anything else. Thanks! #68
  • Ok no problem! Let me know I addressed the changes that you wanted or if you would like to see anything else. Thanks! #67
  • Hi. I actually like this one as it is bigger. Can you please just change and make it with the one guitar in both colors? Again, thank you! #56
  • Thanks for doing the one guitar. Can you please make "Brad's" just a tad bigger and then also try it with the other color with just 1 guitar? Thanks a bunch! #58
  • I like the green. Can you try with just 1 guitar? #55
    • @brad_gautney Ok great. I just uploaded a few new submissions -- some with one guitar, some with a slightly different type/font treatment. Please let me know if you like any of the changes and we'll go from there. Thanks!

  • Hello. Can you please also submit one with different colors, maybe a darker brown, orange and green. Maybe even another one with just brown and green? Thanks! #44
    • About #44, @brad_gautney Sure no problem - I will work on that today. Also, are there any other styles of guitars that you would like to see? I was thinking to have two different guitars in the logo but I wasn't sure which other one to choose. Thanks!

    • @quelita Sounds great. I like the two guitars you have. Please don't change. Thanks!!

  • Hi. Can you please please make the orange a little more darker and not so bright? Thanks
    • About #30, @brad_gautney Hi. I submit new design with darker orange. #49
      Hope you like it.
      Thank you for your feedback.

  • Hi. Still my favorite so far but can you please make the "Brad's" a little thicker or fuller? Thanks!
  • simple design #40
  • Hi, thanks for incorporating this. #33
  • Here is the updated version of #29. #33
  • Hi. Can you please incorporate a guitar into the name? #29
  • Nice design. I like it. ^^ #18