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Winning design #88 by QUANG, Logo Design for Brainseed Software Contest
Gold Medal

designed by QUANG

Project description

We are in need of a logo for our newly formed software company. We are looking for a fairly minimal design (something that we can easily use on physical materials as well as online). We are looking for the literal name of the company to play into the logo via the use of brain & seed imagery.

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  • We like the simplicity of this logo as well as the text & color choices. Could you try to do something similar in those areas but having a plant/tree growing from the brain?
    • Hi CH!, I just uploaded my design #25 with revision that you wish. I've put plant growing from the brain. hope you like it..

  • Hi CH!.. I need feedback for the logo #15 please!..thanks!
  • Similar feedback to one of your prior designs, the font needs to be more professional. Additionally, we would like to have solid colors over gradients.
    • Gradients are for presentation purposes. Of course they can be solid colors. Fonts are a bad choice I know sorry about that they can also change. But since eliminated I think that the concept is not what you are looking for so I am going for a different design.

    • But just in case here's what it would look like. Entry #12

  • Also, we would like to have the logo be pretty minimal when it comes to overlapping colors. Could you do the outline in solid colors instead of using the overlap you have now?
  • This is too simple for our needs. We want to evoke creativity.
  • This is too simple for our needs. We want to evoke creativity.
  • This is too simple for our needs. We want to evoke creativity.
  • I would rather the text of the logo be more professional than a hand drawn look.
  • I would rather not have the letters of the name of the company built into the logo like you have the B here.
  • I like the color choice in this one, but I am distracted by the stripes for the brain.
  • I like the text and concept here. However, I would like to see a version where a plant is growing out of the brain if possible.
  • As I mentioned in your other submission, I like where you are headed. With this specific one, I don't like the gradients used as much as solid colors.
  • I like where you are going with this. A couple comments: * I don't like that the plant looks like an S * Could a similar design be done with the plant as an actual tree? * I would prefer the plant be growing out of a brain * We don't capitalize the "seed" part of the name. It is just "Brainseed". * I like this version much better than your first version (I like using solid colors instead of gradients)
  • I like the execution of the brain & vine; the design looks edgy and cool. However, we really like the idea presented in #20/#21 (the flower pot with brain in it). If you are interested, we are looking for more designs that follow that idea.
    • Thank You for Your feedback, here is a edited version #58 with flower pot and plants growing from top of the brain

  • I really like this design (as well as your other one with the tree that has leaves). Could you try using a similar idea to #21 & #21 where the plant is growing out of a brain in a pot?
    • Hi CH, thank you so much for the rating. I've upload now new revision of my entrys #47, #48, #49, #50. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. thanks best regards, Junifer :)

  • CDS
    About #40 first, THANK YOU for your feedback and rating on #20 & is an updated design as per your request...notice the 'b' and 's' in the tree trunk...clean, simple...easy to read, print, embroider, etc...i look forward to your thoughts...
  • I would like to have something growing out of the brain (not the brain growing out of a seed).
  • This design feels like the brain/seed was added in as a second thought, not as the focus of the design.
  • This design looks too generic as far as software companies go. I feel like this would not stand out enough for me.
  • This design has too much going on it for my liking. I am looking for something more simple.