I am REALLY happy. I have tried to do this myself before and it never comes out like what I ahve pictured in my head. This designer is really good, I dont ever leave reviews for anything but i really needed to let everyone know that I am really really happy. I changed my mind a lot and he was really patient about it.

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Winning design #119 by Creatica, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Creatica

Project description

  We sell toys that stimulate creativity, brain development and stimulate the senses.

We promote neural development so need professionalism and we sell toys so it needs some fun too.
Try to create something that appeals to both. 

Our slogan is Brainy Toys for Brainy Kids

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  • I try to not copy so font have some changes - I can fix it ofcourse after (it is Comic Sans font so it is simple), but now (in contest) I try to avoid breaking terms. :) #119
  • a smiling baby because it can finish the puzzle. smart baby !!
    logo that is simple, inherent in the mind, funny, and very suitable for your investment.

    I'm waiting for your feedback.
    Warm regards,
    alhasan #117
  • I give more stroke on "O" and "A" letters and move a little bit. What do you think? #115
  • thank you if any feedback #114
  • logo #112
  • About #110, @Creatica very nice. but the "O" and the "a" look out of place in black and white.
  • puzzle concept #111
  • Another test with colors - if you have any other changes - please feel free to ask #110
  • I extended the timeframe and added voting. There are a few that we cant decide on.
  • more intensive color scheme #91
  • I think we are near :) Do you like colors - it is standard scheme - lighter or darker? #90
  • ev
    cubic #89
  • I like this. do you have another variation #79
  • New font proposition with tagline, version of monochrome, line (white/black) and only white. I try to play elements to express more variations for You. #73
  • Maybe this is it? Don`t worry - we will do it right. I like working with Clients knew what they want :) #83
  • I'm sorry i must have explained it wrong. you had removed the innermost line. that is the one i wanted to keep. the one with the ball ends #76
  • Design with improved old font. #76
  • Nice.
    Ca I see the previous font but with less in between lines. (there was a center middle and outer remove the middle line) #73
  • feedback please :) #75
  • modern design. feedback please #68