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Winning design #28 by bams_art31, Logo Design for Brand for our Human Resources Conference Contest
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designed by bams_art31

Project description

Last April we started a new HR Conference, which focus is on future topics, best practices and daily problems of the human resources business.

This conference should take place regularly in spring and in autumn. 
That is why we would like to get 2 versions of the logo:
1. The basic logo should contain the whole titel "Online Fokus Konferenz HR" 
2.  the long version shoul possibly contains the attribute "Frühjahr" (spring) or "Herbst" (autumn) and the year. In this case "2018" 

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  • Dear Artnymore, could you please change the picture on the left sign of the "online fokus konferenz" in this way: just one white head with the "play sign" in it?
    Thank you
    • @hansdiegruber for sure, thank you for your feedback,

      Thank you,

    • @Artnymore This is Admin Sharie No outside contact or links allowed in an expired contest.

    • @hansdiegruber Hi there

      This is Admin Sharie

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      Thank you

    • @sharie yess sir sorry. :)

  • Dear Bams, could you place the HR on the right side, more prominantly and the word online a bit smaller?
    • @hansdiegruber time is not enough, maybe later I can change it, thanks

  • Dear Cyberia, can you please try to use other colours for this design?
  • please feedback #299
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    this is my concept
    any feedback will be very appreciated

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