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Winning design #138 by Vennie0205, Logo Design for Breathing Rhythms Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vennie0205

Project description

I teach Yoga in groups, in teacher trainings, and in private sessions.  I am trained in Yoga Therapy, Breathing Therapy and Systems Therapy (Humanistic Psychotherapy).  Breathwork is the foundation of my teachings/sessions. 
I help people find physical, mental and emotional balance in their lives. 

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  • Thank you for the value of the previous design.
    I'm trying to show the color selection, In this short time,
    hopefully as far as you determine the winner. thank you

    elis #168
    • @elis I really like your design, the colors are not yet exactly right. I really like the bright colors and design of yulistina's entries as well. maybe you have time for one more design? also please keep in mind the order of the colors of the chakra system for example, red/orange on bottom, greens, blues in middle, purple on top....

    • @amy5 amy5 terhotmat.
      Thank you for your response.
      I am ready to make the logo changes using bright colors in accordance with your directions.
      - further comment deleted - do not ask for emails. No outside contest communication with contestholder is allowed - DC administrations

  • hope you like it #208
  • @amy5 #195
  • Thank you, I like the background, but I don't want to emphasize the physical aspect. I think a difficult posture would deter people seeking a gentler, therapeutic practice #158
  • Hi.. #166
  • :) #160
  • What is like this! #142
  • amy 5 respectable.
    Please check my Desai revision to change the color you want. #140
  • Hi! Thanks for the invitation :) I see that there's only five hours left to submit designs and I think you already had your favorite but let me just try this simple and clean logo :) Thanks! :) #107
  • Hello ch, Thank you so much for inviting me, Please check my design hopefully you like. #106
  • the logo update with new color scheme. #103
  • About #101, @oceandeep
    thank you, how about red on the bottom, then orange, green and purple on the top, like in the chakra system, and also the top petals more round and closed like you did on #96
  • About #100, @oceandeep
    can you show me how this would look with more color, like in your # 90? I also like #77 and # 78, because the arms look like wings - like an angel.... but would like more color
  • About #97, @KevinPhiox
    thank you. Don't want a lotus flower though. It is already everywhere used by everyone.
    • @amy5 thanks for the response ill make another one that doesn't have lotus flower

  • what about this idea?. #95
    • About #95, @oceandeep
      I think the lotus flower is see it every where. a variation maybe, but I don't really like the form of the person. I liked the entry that looked a bit like wings, sort of like an angel. that feels more like spirit and body and movement, but should be grounded as well

  • Like this one too. but not orange #91
  • About #94, @oceandeep
    yes I like this one too. feels uplifting, but needs something more grounding to balance the upward movement and additional colors. thank you!
  • thank you for your entries. I like this one, but I'm looking for something that represents more of the formless aspects of the practice, more spiritual, healing therapy side less physical body.
  • About #78, @elis
    I like this symbol, could you show me a few other color options?
  • :) #76