Brett Hickman Photographers needs a sophisticated new logo. Completely original! We will provide lots of feedback.

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Winning design #285 by cobalt, Logo Design for Brett Hickman Photographers needs a sophisticated new logo. Completely original! We will provide lots of feedback. Contest
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designed by cobalt

Project description

So far, I like the ideas of signatures, Letter initials, cursive, pen strokes, small icons or badges. I am open to most anything. One thing I am committed to doing is providing feedback on a majority of entires so that designers can really hone in on what it is we are looking for in our logo.

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  • About #39 Different color, and font for "photographers".Hope you like it
  • About #38 Dear CH, my first entries hope you like it. Need your feedback please, if you want some improvement design. Best Regards
  • Hi! I did one simular to my first but in a grey and photographers with different font.
  • Dear CH, Please check #35 #36. I tried two different concepts & directions. According to your feedback, I can change and/or combine. Thank you
  • I went for a bit of a different look with this one. Can easily change it back if you like the print better. Thanks!
  • Off to sleep for the next several hours, but the moment I wake up, I will provide feedback on any logos submitted and rank/rate these. Thanks again guys. Much appreciated! Great stuff!
  • Wow that was quick.... I can look at using a different font. I did try quite a few and because of the vintage look you have to be selective in the font that is used. That being said am open to trying a font that you like. Look forward to the input.
  • #24 & 25 I went for a vintage look while still trying to keep things looking professional.
  • What I like about this logo is the weathered look around the logo icon. Very cool.. The fonts however I am not fond of. Thanks for the submission!
  • I like this.. I think I liked the B more by itself than the BH for now. I like the photographers font, but no the font for Brett Hickman. Can we try a different font for Brett Hickman?
  • Brett, Yeah your concept is becoming more apparent, it is coming into focus if you will! But corny photography puns aside, that's always the hard part in design. I see what your going for now and I can design to that vision. Thanks!
  • I think I like the lighter weighted box vs. this more bold box. And no worries at all about the name. I just appreciate the submissions!
  • Hi Ben.. Thanks for the question.. It really helps to see what the designer sees, and then I am able to address you more specifically. The type face is luxurious, it's nice , it's sophisticated. The rougher pen stroke I mentioned earlier is not intended to diminish that feel, but rather add a spin to it. A somewhat rustic, artsy feel.. and just looks like an authentic piece of handwriting vs. a fancy cursive. Meaning, it could in fact be my handwriting.. Does that make sense?
  • I like it. This feels classy, high-end too. I don't think I like the cursive font used though. Like a rougher pen stroke.. Similar to submission #17 or similar to our first example. Thanks for the submission!
  • Hey Brett #19. I really like how this typeface works with the design and I think it's more along the lines you're going for. Let me know how that works.
  • With regard to the icon up top... What if: a) it was something other than a B. Maybe an acronym for the 3 words that make up our name? or B) It was in curisve (like so) then the name below was not, but photography was in cursive or a similar font to our example below, again. This way, the B up top is like the signature or seal sign, then the name for people to read, then photography once more in cursive. Sorry for the difficult-to-follow description here. Hopefully I am somewhat clear :-).
  • Oh, sorry about that! I hope the lettering looks better now in terms of weight and simplicity.
  • Not sure if I'd like the "Brett Hickman" in cursive, or the "Photographers" in cursive.. or both? I like this design though.
  • I feel this is on the right track now. Liking this. Have a look at our first example submitted from another contest. The name is written in a classy, elegant and simple font, and photography has got a really fantastic font below it that we really enjoy.
  • We like the font for "PHOTOGRAPHY" in the first of the 4 examples we submitted (sorry for the one duplicate). Specifically, we like the P, but the entire font is great!