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This was my very first contest with, and I am very pleased. I was astounded by the number of quality entries and I am so very happy with the logo I chose. My designer Lizonil was so professional and hard working. She perfected my every wish until the details were exactly how I wanted them. Coulsn't be happier!


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Winning design #60 by MISSnicki, Logo Design for Briarmist Cakes Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MISSnicki

Project description

We are a high end cake company looking for a new logo. We focus on wedding cakes but also make extravagant custom birthday or special event cakes. We want something modern but also classically elegant. Preferably we would want a cake incorporated into the logo.

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  • Hi Misty, I've entered #8 and wanted to tell you about my design. Tying into your name, I've drawn sweetbriar flowers around the base. The classic 3-tier white wedding cake is meant to represent the majority of your business while remaining versatile in its simplicity. Finally the buttery yellow background color is meant to be appealing both to the eye & appetite. The fonts I've chosen are easy to read but stylish. Thanks!
  • Dear Misty1, Here are my first entries... #26 and #27. I wanted to give a hand drawn feel to your logo. I have used very subtle colours, I tried pink and blue #26, and then added some orange and yellow in #27... to cover all angles, wedding, birthday, boys, girls, christenings etc. The frame is loosely based on a flowering briar. I can try different colours and fonts. Kind regards, Liz : )
    • Dear Liz, Amazing work! Your logo is the favorite so far! I would like to see some other font options if that's possible. I like the font that "briarmist" is written in in entry #2 by nandniluz. Of your three entries, I like the pattern version on #28 the best, but I'm not sure on the colors... I love the way you can invert the logo and apply it to pictures the way you've shown, could we also write out "briarmist cakes" underneath that as well? Thanks so much, Misty 760.967.4142 Briarmist Cakes

    • Hi Misty, I am glad you like them. I will play around with the fonts and the colours for you. Yes you can have the name on the watermark version too, of course. I will show you that too. : ) Liz : )

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      lizonil {*wrote*}:
      Hi Misty, I am glad you like them. I will play around with the fonts and the colours for you. Yes you can have the name on the watermark version too, of course. I will show you that too. : ) Liz : )
      |--| Thank you so much!!!

    • Hi Misty, Sorry about the avalanche... but basically I wanted to show you different fonts, colours, combos etc. You can mix and match them about. I can't use the same font as the other designer as she used it first and it wouldn't be right. But hopefully something jumps out at you. Best regards, Liz : )

    • Wow Liz, no I really appreciate all of your hard work! I'm sorry to be so picky but I really like the "Briarmist" font from #32 and the "cakes" font from #31, is there any way to see those two together... Thank you so much!!!, Misty

    • Yes no problem, I will do that now for you. You can change about as much as you like... the designers don't mind at all, in fact, we all love constructive feedback!! Plus you do get 7 days after the contest is done to work with the winning designer on small changes etc. Cheers, Liz : )

  • Hello Misty. I have submitted entrie #6 for your consideration. Please let me know what you think. I can allways change colours and font. Thanks
  • Hi - I uploaded the wrong file...please ignore #21 - I can't delete it now. I added more tiers to the cake for #22 and reduced the text a little. Thanks, Trish
  • Great submissions everyone! I really appreciate all of youir hard work! It's going to be hard to choose, Thank you!!!
  • Hi Misty, I have added another avalanche for you with a combination of the two fonts you like and a few different colour combos. #55 #56 #57 #58 #60. Don't hesitate to ask for other changes or combinations. Have a good day. Kind regards, Liz : )