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Overall a good experience - a lot of the designs submitted ignored feedback given to other designers - as well as specific things mentioned in the brief. A lot were also of a poor standard - however overall a good experience.

$300 paid

251 custom designs

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Winning design #241 by Landry, Logo Design for Brightworks Creative Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Landry

Project description

We are a small startup creative production company specialising in creating video content to suit a range of different mediums. We also work across Digital - meaning creating Flash Web banners etc. We are a startup - so the Logo will form the basis of our branding - with this in mind we're looking for something clean and simple - with a hint of something a little special and creative. The company directors are young - so we're looking for something that reflects this - not too corporate, however that can still remain dateless. Ideally we'd love something that could be used as a stamp if need be. We'd like the palette to manly consist of Black and White - with one other main colour in there - perhaps some dark blues or reds - however we are open to other ideas. Company name is Brightworks Creative. We would like to avoid any reference to Film (eg Film Strips, Film Cameras, Reels etc) as this dates the logo, and is considered "old" in the industry. Many thanks!

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  • Hi Everyone. Thanks for all of your designs so far. We're currently reviewing and we'll come back with feedback ASAP. Many thanks.
  • Hi I'v submitted #29 #31 #32 #33 #34 I hope you like them waiting for your comment and feedback thanks
  • Hi CH, Give me feedback on #4 design.. if you any change in that then just tell me.. thanks.
  • Dear CH, my proposal for your brief is #24 . They represents the 3 main steps of the vídeo , the creation, the filming and the editing ... all the same looking for an growing, with an simple objective, "step by step", reach to the TOP ! Hope you like it !!! Best Regards, João Santos
  • See feedback to other design.
  • We like the concept with the Cogs - but we're not liking the font - can we try with some different fonts, and also loose the shine? Perhaps also some different colours? Thanks!
  • Thanks for your entry. This text is interesting. Would like to see some more options with this. Loose the symbol. Would love to see some colour in there somewhere. Thanks for your work!
  • Thanks for the design. The text looks good. But the Camel doesn't make much sense. Perhaps loose the symbol and try some different options with the text. If you are going to use a symbol - keep it simple and subtle. Thanks for your work!
  • Thanks for your design. The text is better - but not quite creative enough - it looks a bit bland. Perhaps try some different colours.
  • Thanks for your design.
  • Thanks for your entry.
  • Thanks for your entry.
  • Thanks for your design.
  • Thanks for your design. This is definitely better. It's still feeling a bit corporate at the moment. We want it to be creative but subtle. So perhaps try loosing the symbol - or try something very basic.
  • Thanks for your entry. We don't mind this one - it's needs to have a bit more colour and a bit more fun. But not too over the top. Keep it subtle. Thanks again for your work.
  • This Design is actually one of our favourites for the text. Perhaps can we see a version without any Symbol - or perhaps a very basic symbol. We're thinking subtle is the way to go. Perhaps try different colours, and different layouts with the text. Thanks for your work.
  • Thanks for the entry. We really like the type in this one. Could we perhaps see a couple of versions without the symbol - and change up the layout of the words a bit? Try stacking the 3 words on top of each other? We like the Red dot over they eye. But perhaps we can make this a bit bigger. We're now thinking that subtle is more the way to go.
  • Thanks for your entry.
  • Thanks for your entry.
  • Thanks for your entry.